Friday, June 1, 2012

Chronicles of Loews Hotels & Community Cats

This post includes all the blog postings related to the corporate decision by Loews Hotel chain to trap all cats that were lovingly cared for by employees (with their wages, NOT hotel funding) and send them to the local shelter for euthanization.

Riverfront Cats blew the whistle and triggered a nationwide movement. Cat bloggers across the country shared the news and it went viral that Loews had to disable comments on their Facebook page. We contacted Alley Cat Allies who mobilized their supporters and organized a protest outside the hotel in Orlando.

We will continue to update this blog regarding any cat related incident at any Loews Hotel and any new actions or policies taken by Loews Hotel in favor or against community cats.



We were disappointed to learn that BarkWorld, a pet blogging conference, chose to hold their conference in 2015 at the Loews in Atlanta. When our Founder sent an email, inquiring if they realized about the scandal surrounding their blatant decision to rid their property of healthy, harmless community cats, we never received a reply.  They knew and chose to ignore this glaring fact.

2014: we learned that new stray cats were coming onto the property JUST AS WE PREDICTED!

2012: Not all cats were trapped and some did continue to live on the property with employees secretly feeding them.

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Listed with oldest blog post first:

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