Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have a dream...Join Me!

by Christine Michaels

I have a dream that one day we will reverse the rate of homeless pets and animals nationwide. In Miami Dade County we are facing an epidemic rate of 400,000 dogs and cats without home, without shelter, trying to survive. If dogs and cats are man's best friend, then why do we discard them like disposable items? A record number of 37,000 unwanted pets were dropped off at the county shelter.  The facility is overwhelmed.

One day I came to a realization, an irony,  and it hit me harder than raining cats and dogs.  THERE IS A SOLUTION! Yes, the solution, the cure exists!!! The problem? There is little to zero awareness.

I think of all the other causes that have high visibility and awareness. Breast cancer is a prime example. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the pink ribbon is nationally and easily recognized. The myriad events from 5K walks, 5K runs, galas...Regular news reports encouraging women to get annual mammograms and conduct self breast examination to prevent the onslaught of cancer.  Yet a billion dollars has poured into cancer research and we still don't have a cure.

Have you ever heard of a crisis lingering where the cure exists? It is the case of homeless animals. Sounds like a tragedy. It is. For me personally, it's pure frustration and is void of all common sense, even humanity.   In South Florida there are a number of veterinarian clinics that offer low cost spaying/neutering to slow down the homeless cat and dog population.  There are even free programs for those that are unemployed or on welfare and want to make a difference.  There is ZERO AWARENESS! Why?  The subject of homeless dogs, especially cats, is plagued with misconceptions. There is so much educating required. But it's possible. A well planned PR/education campaign with both offline and online tactics would have a tremendous impact. 

The best part--
we don't need to spend billions of dollars!!!

With residents, government, media, and ad agencies working together, the impact could be immediate. Imagine that! But our country needs a national spokesperson to rally key players and spark the hearts and minds of American residents. If we are a nation of "animal lovers", then it's time we showed it.

I'm dreaming of the possibilities. The first person that immediately comes to mind is Betty White, an animal advocate. She's more popular than ever and respected by all ages. Does anyone have connections to her, her agent, her PR agent, TV Land? 

I witness so many "soldiers" in the trenches--trapping cats, getting them spayed/neutered, caring for them post surgery, feeding colonies...but it's a vicious cycle that never ends.  TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) does work to a point. We can not just tackle the surface problem. We HAVE to get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. And that is education.

If you would like to become part of my Think Tank for OPERATION BAST to end homeless animal population, please contact me, Christine Michaels at 

You can live anywhere in the United States. We will leverage technology for conferencing via SKYPE, and phone to communicate and launch our plan! Everyone has something to offer. Whether it's ideas, whether you're good at schmoozing on the phone, a strong copy writer, a strong PR writer, connections with local officials, state government, even the White House. Even better, connections to highly visible celebrities. So many organizations are tackling this on their own. Let's create SYNERGY nationwide and reverse homeless pet population!

I have a dream and I plan to fulfill it, somehow, someway!
Do you dare to do more than dream?

Note: Bast is the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess, a female black cat. She was adored, revered and respected. Black cats are considered good luck in other countries except the US.


  1. fantastic!!

    Just sent you an email of someone who also might be able to help!

  2. You know that all of us at Zee and Zoey's Chronicle Connection are on your side Christine. We are a highly educated and sophisicated society - the plight of cat overpopulation does not have to be in this day and age. It does not cost a single thing to spread the word. Responsibility and Communication are CRITICAL!!!

    We vote for a leopard patterned ribbon!!! Much luck to you and please let us know what we can do to help.

    Deb Barnes and her feline gang

  3. @CatChat
    @ Deb,Zee and Zeoy
    --Thank you all! With your writing skills and connections I'm confident we'll start to move the needle in our lifetime. We have to