Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Premiere of Kitten version of the #SuperBowl

Do you love cats AND Football? Or maybe just cats and want to skip the #SuperBowl and watch reruns of cat videos? Well we have a surprise for you! Announcing the FIRST...

Are you as excited as we are?

The Kitten Bowl, which Hallmark Channel appropriately calls "the greatest feline showdown in cable television history," features adorable fluffy kittens jumping through hoops, chasing lasers and playing with toys and strings. They have positions like Yarn Ripper, Mouse Trapper and Long Napper. Did someone say mice? The precious kittens have names like Dan Furrino, Terry Bradclaw, Tabby Romo and Brett Furve.

It gets better! Cat contenders will be recruited from animal shelters. The prize will be a loving home for these orphans.

photo by M. Toro
 The best news: every kitten is a winner! The Kitten Bowl was filmed in October and all kittens are in furrever homes. But others await at your local shelter to show off their athleticism and antics to steal your heart. Valentine's Day is around the corner!


Monday, January 27, 2014

NYC Architects Build Cat Shelters

It's our favorite time of year!!!!
The 4th Annual Architect for Animals: Giving Shelter

(alongside National Feral Cat Day)

Where New York City architects unveil their genius talent and genuine interest in helping their city in the...


We are inlove and impressed with the concepts and designs of these incredible outdoor shelters for stray and feral cats. 

Yes we do!!

The shelters are donated to neighborhoods with volunteer caretakers who do TNR and manage the health and well being of the community cats.  Here are photos of a few shelters from last year's event.

With all the white buildings, blue sky and green trees, the above shelter would be ideal in Miami!

This shelter fits right in the Design District or industrial neighborhood of Miami. 

A brownstone for Cats!  Love it. 

A definite favorite made of cat food cans filled with insulation. Pure Genius!

What a brilliant idea of bringing together residents, corporate America and donating their talents to make a difference in their community.  
Kudos NYC!

If you are in or near New York City, please support this wonderful event. To learn more and to RSVP for this Thursday, Jan 30, please click here

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Gabby, went missing from Keyser Avenue and Mangrum Court on 5/5/14. She is an indoor-only cat and has been for her entire life, but she’s a smart cookie, and found a way to pry open the front door to escape.I’ve been searching desperately for her in my neighborhood in Emerald Hills, but on Saturday, May 10, a wonderful K9 handler used her search dogs to track Gabby’s unique, particular scent right to N. 34th Terrace in the Tamerlane subdivision off of North Park Road. From there, her scent trail ended. Which means someone has seen her, and took her into their home or put her into their car from there.
Gabby has two medical conditions, one of them very serious. She was supposed to be admitted to the hospital this past week for an ultrasound to find the source of it and progress through treatment. Her blood work was serious three weeks ago, and has worsened in that time. The longer it takes to get her back, the sicker she will get without treatment.
Michelle (her owner) is offering a five hundred dollar ($500) reward to anyone with information leading to her safe return. she is also offering a $1000 bonus to the person who physically puts her back in my arms safe and sound. She has no doubt that whoever has her took her in with the very best of intentions, and she won’t ask any questions—all she want is her family back home.
Please share the above flyer with your family and friends to help Gabby return to her loving home.
Anyone with information about Gabby please contact:
Michelle Hodkin (for more pictures, videos and maps of the search area)
#findgabby (to spread the word)

This beautiful Tortie is "Bebe". She has been missing since May 6 after 11pm from Tangier Street in North Gables, FL. She is spayed and has no ear tip.

Any information regarding Bebe please contact Antonio Vega at