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Cats/Kittens Waiting for a Home

At this time we have two older kittens, 5 months.  There is a distinct advantage in adopting older kittens and adult cats. 

First you know the history of their health.  Second, it gives you the advantage of knowing the disposition of a cat. Maybe you want an entertainer with endless antics. Or a cat who loves belly rubs and to cuddle. Or perhaps a dainty, Miss Manners kitty who never jumps on counters or scratches your furniture.

And remember, cats come in all shapes, colors, sizes and attitudes--just like dogs! 
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black kittens for adoption Miami Riverfront Cats

Rocky is a 5 month old kitten. He's a mini panther with jet black satin fur, very lean, fast and the cutest baby face. Warning! He is a cuddler and will snuggle with you in bed, on the sofa...  

black kitten blind kitten active

Rocky has bonded with his foster brother Ray Ray, another black kitten the same age. Except Ray was born with no eyes. But he can still walk, climb, and play like any kitten. 

Rocky and Ray Ray, foster buddies

We require these kittens to be adopted together unless if you have another kitten the same age. 

To meet R&R please contact us at Located in South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach) .

 This rescue  male kitten is 10 weeks old. We just had our naming contest for him. Here were the choices.
Noah--after Noah's ark because he was found mostly submerged in floodwaters when we had nonstop rain for a week
Tweedy- as in Tweed coat due to his fur color and markings
Dasher-because he dashed every where as rescuers tried to capture him for three hours! In the woods, bushes, leaping tall cars in a single dash...until finally he went into the pet carrier and the rescuer was able to shut the door. Ah ha!

He's definitely a male--mischievous and fearless, scampering, climbing legs like tree trunks...

So the tallies are in and his name is Dasher!
Dasher is litterbox trained and fully vetted: neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped and now ready for his forever loving home.
To meet this young (naughty) lad and welcome him into your family in time for the New Year, please contact Christina at

Snickers is one the Candy Kittens left for adoption.

He is a darling's mama's boy who loves to play and get special pats. 
If you want to read the rest of story about the candy kittens please visit

If you are interested in Snickers, please contact foster moms Karen/Joan/Alyssa at 305-205-4646, 786-301-0795 and 

Twix is one the Candy Kittens left for adoption.

She is is a doll who loves to chase feathers until nap-in-your-lap time.. 
If you want to read the rest of the story about the candy kittens please visit

If you are interested in Twix, please contact foster moms Karen/Joan/Alyssa at 305-205-4646, 786-301-0795 and 

These sweet siblings are Jinx and Juju. She and her brother were separated from their mother at an incredible young age, which made Jinx develop a fear of abandonment. She is very kind, gentle and loving and loves to cuddle and getting pet.

Juju on the other hand, craves adventure. He’s a rambunctious, boastful, playful, little daredevil.  In the presence of his sister he appears to be fearless, but it’s just a facade.  At heart, being separated from his mother has made this kitten a softie, hopelessly dependent on his sister.  He’ll often lose track of her playing with his toy mice, then frantically look for her.  He won’t sleep unless he nestled up against his sister with a paw around her.

Given their situation, there is no place these kitties would rather be than in the embrace of someone that loves and cares for them.

If you're interested in adopting Jinx and Juju, please contact Marlin Fisher at

Meet Rogér, our own "Le Chat Noir". Rogér has gone through a lot (dislocated jaw and slashed throat) but he has made a nine-lives come back. Rogér's weight is now up to a healthy 12 pounds! He is gaining confidence and now expects individual attention and TLC. He would make a great companion for someone who enjoys comforts of home and quality time with pets.  While he does well with other cats, Rogér will need to continue his special diet. He should do well in a friendly dog household too.
If you are in the SOUTH FLORIDA area and interested in meeting Roger, please contact Karen Payne at 305-205-4646 or via email at Karen Payne

Meet Mozart!
He’s a handsome little gentleman looking for his forever home!
Mozart is a spirited young kitten that is excited to play, snuggle and spend time with you!
He is up to date with all his vaccines, FIV negative and in perfect health.
Mozart will be neutered and micro chipped.
He needs an amazing forever home that will fall in love with him.
Please contact Ruthie Mendez at if you would like to meet him!
Adoption application, home check and small fee required.  

Sobe is named after her namesake birthplace--South Beach.  She was plucked from a street curb at fragile 6 weeks of age.  But like any South Beach celeb, she's not shy. Sobe is healthy and loves to play. She is supermodel and poses for photos but loves to steal sponges! To learn more click here

 Daffney was dumped in busy downtown Miami.  Don't let her angelic soft calico colors deceive you! She is a DIVA and demands attention and to be picked up and caressed and she gives kisses! She is now 8  months old. (in this photos she is several weeks old)

 ADOPTED. Hello, I am LUNA – I wear the colors of the moon, and how could you not love my little cream-colored chin? The vet’s office said I’m a “blue-cream dilute tortoiseshell” – sounds amazing, right? I think so! Not only that, but I’m a ball of energy, friendliness, playfulness, purring-ness, and LOVE!

I am only eight weeks old and I'm ready for my forever home! I am up-to-date on my shots, micro-chipped, and was de-fleaed and de-wormed and tested (negative) for FIV/FeLk. My foster mom will take care of my spaying, too, as soon as I'm big enough. All you have to do is provide me with a loving, safe, forever home! If you would like to meet me, please contact my foster mom Christina at or call 786-573-1580 or call/text 305-338-4534. Thank you and I can't wait to meet you!

ADOPTED .This is Slate, he is a "ham" they say, sweet & affectionate, about 3 yrs old now. This handsome boy is being returned to the shelter after 2 years because family has no time for him and one member has health issues. This kitty was adopted by a couple with two older (teenage) kids. He now needs a new home. If any of our fans or readers are interested in adopting Slate please contact us at

ADOPTED. Ninji is a 9 month old black kitten with satin sheen. He does acrobatics, snuggles, is not shy of visitors & TALKS- no kidding! He has all his shots, neutered, and he’s waiting for you!

Receive an adoption gift basket including a pet carrier, a guide book, toys, food bowls, story book and a bottle of wine!

If you are interested in ADOPTING Ninji please email us at or call us at 305-771-3163

ADOPTED. Fritz is a brave angel who survived poisoning by anti-freeze. Thankfully he's healthy with minor loss of vision. He acts like nothing happened. Click here to learn more!

ADOPTED August 2014. Millie & Tillie, 2 year old bonded sisters. To learn more click here.

Figaro and Luciano are healthy, active 12- week old tuxedo kittens.
To learn more click here!Adopted December 26, 2012

Peter Peter is our featured cat.  He's one year old now which means he's not a kitten but not quite an adult. Peter is happy-go-lucky despite family hardships and gets along with other cats. (that's what Peter looked like as younger cat). ADOPTED.

Sweetie & Berrie just lost their mother to ovarian cancer. These are her all- black, declawed cats that are in an empty home without their mother, without furniture. Soon they will be without home. ADOPTED. November 2012


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