Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three New Cats--One going Blind

Dear condo neighbors and animal lovers,

Three new cats have appeared overnight at the Riverfront colony. Two males and a female. We suspect that at least one was dumped. She's tame, very clean and is getting closer to volunteers daily.

The first male was trapped and taken to the vet. Sadly he was very ill and on top of that he had severe eye infection and was going blind. We had to put him to sleep. He was an outdoor, feral cat that would not have survived. The vet bill was little over $100. (Office visit, physical exam, eye test, euthanasia and disposal fee).

That leaves the other two cats and Scotty who have been very difficult to trap with a standard cat trap. This means a drop trap is needed which is heavier, bulkier and more costly.

Female cat presumed to have been dumped

New male cat--he appears feral
 Notice the black and gray striped tail contrasting brown body

Scotty is unneutered; (photo taken summer 2011)
We believe Scotty is very sick
He's had multiple wounds and is losing weight
We rarely see him and therefore he's very difficult to trap

Therefore, we are asking for any donation amount to help cover the cost of
  1. trapping
  2. veterinary care
  3. spaying/neutering; post surgery care
  4. food

Simply click on the Donation button to the right and use a major credit card or PayPal.

Thank you for any donation amount which will make a difference in the humane lives of these cats and our community!


We also need to name the new male and female cat! We welcome your input! Just click on "Comments" below. You can be anonymous, use your first name, or email us at

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