Friday, February 23, 2024

Tangerine Has FIP But We Can Still Save Him



His ears look as if they were chomped to their tattered deformed edges. One ear almost gone the other missing pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Whatever happened? We will never know. Like many street cats trying to survive the rough outdoors with no general care other than feedings, this orange cat was rescued from the stables at the Calder Race Track (Miami) in March 2022 after it closed. To make matters worse, his guardian feeder was killed in a tragic accident.  This is when a dedicated animal volunteer, Sharlene, learned about the strays that lived there and offered to help. She came upon this orange cat who had deformed ears but clearly hungry. She quickly gained his trust and feeding schedule. Then suddenly he had difficulty walking. He walked clumsily across a sewer and had runny mucus from the nose and mouth.  Sharlene sprang into action, determined to save this cat. 

Despite his rough condition, after cleaning him up, his fur a perky orange color, and his eyes with a spark of hope, pleading to this kind stranger, she named him Tangerine. Thus began the journey of nurturing and medical visits. Please click here for the full story.

Despite his permanent runny nose, and URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), Tangerine, like the gallant male kitty, seemed to accept it all as part of life and never complained. Rather he was content in his new home, a roof, soft bed, regular food, a friendly feline and canine sibling and the best mom in the world. Yes, life was good for Tangerine. Our hearts were full of joy but cautious optimism. 

That optimism met its unknown deadline a year later. Sadly, it appears in a complication from treating a seizure he has developed neuro dry FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). 

FIP is a deadly illness and in the past cats never survived. However, recent advances in the science of cat health and medical issues have introduced a new treatment.  But like any fatal disease, new treatments, are very costly and arduous. The treatment plan requires 84 days of daily injections. The good news is that a good Samaritan with experience, comes over daily to do the injections. The bad news, the cost for medication is $2,000. 

But our favorite Tangerine is such a warrior despite the swelling for now up to 50 injections. It's a delicate balance with his other health issues. He's fighting to live, and we are determined to make his dream a reality. 

orange cat deformed ears FIP
Our favorite photo of Tangerine!

Life is Good Indoors

Please help Tangerine fight FIP and 

live the life he so deserves.

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VET BILLS to date for Tangerine

Feb 2024: $2400 ($700 raised to date)

Aug 2023:  $3400 (only $1600 was raised)

Mar 2022:  $3500 (only $2000 was raised)

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