Friday, March 11, 2022

A Poetic Plea for Help for Tangerine, the orange cat


orange cat FIP


Under the steely frame of an old trailer, in the quietude of a horse barn, where the sun's rays filtered through the cracks, there existed an orange cat (later named Tangerine). His fur, once vibrant, now bore the scars of countless days spent beneath the forsaken trailer. For years, he had navigated the narrow space between rusted wheels and forgotten dreams. 

Then one day the bustling trailer of workers was emptied, with news of permanent closure of the racetrack. Tangerine clung to the edges of existence. He watched as his fellow cats vanished, ensnared in a mass trapping operation. The world outside shifted, and the trailer's fate hung in the balance. Demolition loomed like a specter, threatening to erase the last vestiges of warmth and safety. 

Yet fate, in its enigmatic dance, left Tangerine behind with several other cats. Perhaps it was his quiet demeanor or the way he blended into the shadows. Regardless, he remained—a silent witness to abandonment and loss. 

But Jose, a man with calloused hands and a heart as wide as the open sky tended to the cats, even after the stable's demise. Every night, he slipped through the gates, a beacon of compassion in the moonlight.

But life, ever unpredictable, snatched Jose away. A tragic accident silenced his footsteps. Upon hearing the news, a local dedicated animal volunteer, Sharlene, became the keeper of the flame. She fed the lone cat, hoping to find others left behind. Soon Tangerine and his (possible) siblings learned to crawl under the fence, over an open sewer drain. Each day, they inched closer to their new feeding schedule, their hunger mingling with grief. 

And so, under the green fence, they gathered. Tangerine, the quiet but brave soul, led the way. His paws danced with anticipation as Sharlene approached, a silent promise passing between them. They would survive this together. 

Relentless in its tests, life threw a cruel twist. Last month's cold front left Tangerine sneezy, a delicate tremor in his frame. Sharlene watched, helpless, as he stumbled, unable to maintain balance. She knew she had to act swiftly. 

We come before you, as humble advocates for Tangerine's survival. His rough, sad life has etched lines upon his face, but hope still flickers in those fervent eyes. We don't know the battles he's fought, the frostbitten nights he's endured. Yet, we can change his story. 

This fundraiser is our lifeline. With your help, we can lift Tangerine from the shadows, cradle him in warmth, and heal his fragile body. Perhaps, in a new space—a sun-dappled windowsill or a cozy hearth—he will find solace. No more rusty trailers, no more hunger gnawing at his insides. 

So, let us weave a different ending. Let Tangerine's tale be one of resilience, compassion, and second chances. Donate, share, and spread the word. For every dollar given, we inch closer to a miracle—a life reclaimed, a heart rekindled.

Remember no amount is too small. $20, $15 or even $10 from many contributors can make a difference.  

UPDATE Feb 23, 2024: Tangerine has taken a turn for the worse. He was diagnosed with FIP. A new fundraiser is in effect.

UPDATE Aug 14, 2022: Tangerine is doing better and is a fighter and they are currently trying different medications.  The vet bill has amassed to $3500 but only $2000 was raised.

For tax-deductible donation please click this link and please specify "TANGERINE" in the notes. Riverfront Cats is part of Pawsitively Humane, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Or you can donate directly to the GoFundMe fundraiser click here.

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