Monday, June 8, 2015

June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June is a very important month for organizations like ours that work together with the community in order to help find permanent homes for rescue cats. Why? Because June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. And you might wonder why June? Well, June is kitten season. It is the time of the year when cats give birth, flooding animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with homeless litters; 3.4 million cats end up in shelters each year. This situation makes it more difficult for shelters to find a permanent home for their rescue cats. Therefore our purpose is to bring awareness and encourage people to ADOPT a shelter cat instead of BUYING one from a pet shop.

A new survey of American adults shows that a majority of cat owners believe that cats are intelligent (77%) and independent (71%), which confirms what many of us already know – cats are smart animals that make excellent companions

Remember her?

Another good reason to adopt a cat is they make the best cuddlers, they are warm and fuzzy, perfectly suited for snuggling.

They are also skilled hunters that will help keep the bug population down in your home, as well as those hair-raising lizards, mice, moths, etc.

And finally, you will be saving a life. Each year 3 to 4 million of those shelter cats who end up not getting adopted are eventually euthanized. You could be single-handedly saving a life by adopting a shelter cat.

To bring even more attention to this matter, during this month ASCPA is joining forces with Animal Planet and Jackson Galaxy to host a social media contest celebrating shelter cats. By sharing your cutest or silliest cat photos using the hashtag #MyRescueCat and signing an adoption pledge, you will be entered for the chance to have your photo featured on the My Cat From Hell season finale June 13. You can enter the contest at

You can also be a part of the solution by helping your local shelter this June through the #Litter4kitties contest, where the ASPCA and will give away 10,000 pounds of Fresh Step cat litter to shelters, with one grand prize shelter receiving 5,000 lbs. and five runners-up receiving 1,000 lbs. each. Visit to nominate your local shelter.

Junio es el Mes Nacional de Adopción de Gatos de Refugios

Junio ​​es un mes muy importante para organizaciones como nosotros que trabajan en conjunto con la comunidad con el fin de ayudar a encontrar hogares permanentes para los gatos de rescate. ¿Por qué? Debido a que Junio es el Mes Nacional de Adopción de Gatos de Refugios. Y usted podría preguntarse por qué Junio? Bueno, Junio es temporada de gatitos. Es la época del año cuando los gatos dan a luz, inundando refugios de animales y grupos de rescate de todo el país, con camadas sin hogar ; 3,4 millones de gatos terminan en refugios cada año . Esta situación hace que sea más difícil para los refugios encontrar un hogar permanente para sus gatos rescatados. Por lo tanto nuestro objetivo es concienciar y animar a la gente a adoptar un gato de refugio en lugar de comprar uno en una tienda de mascotas.

Una nueva encuesta de adultos estadounidenses muestra que la mayoría de los dueños de gatos afirman que los gatos son inteligentes ( 77 % ) e independientes ( 71 % ), lo que confirma lo que muchos de nosotros ya sabemos - los gatos son animales inteligentes que hacen excelentes compañeros.

¿La recuerdas?
Otra buena razón para adoptar un gato es que hacen las mejores compañeros de acurruque, son cálidos y peludos, ideal para este propósito.

También son hábiles cazadores que ayudarán a reducir la población de insectos en su casa, así como lagartos, ratones, polillas , etc.

Y, por último, usted podría salvar una vida . Cada año de 3 a 4 millones de esos gatos de refugio que terminan no siendo adoptados son finalmente sacrificados. Usted podría estar salvando una vida de manera directa al adoptar un gato de refugio.

Para traer aún más atención a este asunto, durante este mes ASCPA estará uniendo fuerzas con Animal Planet y Jackson Galaxy para acoger un concurso de redes sociales celebrando gatos de refugio . Al compartir sus fotos más tiernas o divertidas de sus gatos usando el hashtag #MyRescueCat y firmando el formulario en apoyo a la adopción, estará participando para ganar la oportunidad de que su foto aparezca  en la temporada final de "My Cat from Hell" el 13 de Junio. Puede participar en este concurso visitando este enlance

También puede ser parte de la solución al ayudar a su refugio local este mes de Junio a través del concurso # Litter4kitties, donde ASPCA y regalarán 10.000 libras de arena para gatos Fresh Step a los refugios, con un gran premio de 5.000 libras para un el refugio ganador . Y cinco subcampeones que recibirán 1.000 libras cada uno. Visita para nominar a tu refugio local.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review of BlogPaws 2015

Howdy fans. Geisha here to kick off the intro of our founder's latest trip to Nashville, TN for the annual BlogPaws conference.  Hence the pink cowgirl hat. 

Going through the photos, (she took a lot) there's a story behind each one.  So I selected my favorites for your benefit otherwise this could turn into a novel!  But Christine was wise to break up the entire BlogPaws experience into three blogposts: here for cat-centric theme, a more well-rounded summary at our umbrella website Pawsitively Humane; and her personal blog for the sightseeing adventures.

Christine was greeted by dogs upon entering BlogPaws. You can check out her video with all the dogs throughout the conference.  But this is a cat website-so let's get back on track. Turning over to our founder, Christine Michaels...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hello Riverfront Cats Fans and new Followers!

This was another great conference at BlogPaws so we'll jump right into it.

As a member of the BlogPaws community, one is an insider of all things pet related.  We are pioneering the industry as a direct result of blogging and leveraging social media.  We connect with writers, authors, bloggers, social media experts, pet brands, veterinarians and other experts.  


As a proud Cat Lady, I was excited to wear my new cat t-shirt "My Cat Walks All Over Me". Although it should say "My Cats..." (Plural cats).Cats are simply amazing creatures.  I am continually amazed at their range of personalities, intelligence, resilience, and other abilities.

This year I fell in love with another orange cat. Last year I met Waffles (from Glogirly) but this year Russell stole my heart. Accustomed to being chauffeured in his stroller and to people and crowds, we ran into each other several times. It was fate. I hope my husband (an orange marmalade) Jean Pierre doesn't get too jealous when he smells Russell on my clothes?

Russell and Christine connect

Christine has a soft spot for orange cats.

But then I met Sophie from Kitty Cat Chronicles.  What a dreamy cat. This fearless kitty ambled around and walked up to any person or animal--dog, cat, pigs, ferrets...Sophie walks a little funny because she has a mild- to-moderate case of cerebellar hypoplasia. This proves that "special needs" kitty, are not always a burden.  Sophie just needs someone to make sure she can stand and move along if she stumbles. She is extra special because not only does she walk on a leash or sling, she has no fear!

Then it was time to see other famous cats from long-time established blogs.

First we have Summer, a designer cat. She has to be the most beautiful cat at the conference. She's in training to be a therapy cat.  Just looking at her (she is real, not a stuffed toy!), one immediately relaxes and is mesmerized by her beauty and tranquility. Here she is in DIY fashion contest.

Then there is the impeccably and versatile fashion icon, Coco, the couture cat. And she's a talker! We knew when she needed a break during the sessions.
Teri and Deb Barnes with Coco the cat

Coco in French beret

Coco the punk rocker

Coco in Red Parisian evening couture-FABULOUS!

On Friday morning, Deb Barnes (from Zee and Zoey) and I coordinated outfits and wore our matching cat t-shirts.  Local TV stations were on the way. 

Deb Barnes & Christine Michaels wearing One Cool Cat tshirts by RCTees
Our favorite cat shirt vendor! Check our their site.

 If drinking makes one act silly, well so does lack of sleep.  Deb and I are having fun while patiently waiting for TV crews to arrive.  They may think we're "crazy" not silly.  I look like a stork!

Look at our matching shirts--as if you couldn't tell. Exhaustion from excitement.
Cat Ladies know how to have fun!

Once I wake up from this funny dream of TV crews filming a blue/green stork, I suddenly find myself in cat heaven. And it only gets better as I step into the Cat Style Lounge!  Cats, cocktails and catification accessories--this is a dangerous place! 

Featuring a range of home products from climbers, to scratchers, to toys, in stylish shapes to complement your home decor, the lounge features the latest and greatest items. I am moving this year and I have plans to "catify" my new condo. Modern but stylish. I am the modern cat woman! To view these products visit

A hammock by Cattino--I MUST HAVE!!

I won the modern purple feeder!


BlogPaws knows how to throw a cocktail event!

Thank you to all the Sponsors!

Love cupcakes

Is that a cattle bell I hear? No it's a Cat Bell!  Which means time to corral the people and pets and begin the much anticipated Award Ceremony.

Christine Michaels & Deb Barnes before dinner & award ceremony

Herman on red carpet

Shawn Simmons and Kissy the cat strike a pose.  Supermodels indeed!


This year Riverfront Cats was nominated for a Nose-to-Nose award. To our great surprise we won--our first award! We are so grateful for this award which will raise awareness for black cats, part of our mission. For more photos and stories regarding the visit Riverfront Cats posting on the award, and Pawsitively Humane.
For a list of all winners and to view the video recording, please click here.

With Dr. Patrick Mahoney, vet and writer for Pet360

Fellow bloggers are supportive of one another. I love this community!
Here with the mother of Cathy Keisha, a ghetto and stunning cat.
There are many winners here. Not just the bloggers. We are the medium for connecting pet owners, future pet owners, to the pet world. Dogs, cats, ferrets, rats...all pets are the winners.  Also, BlogPaws generously gives back to the pet welfare community throughout the entire conference. For each award winner, we chose a nonprofit to benefit from a $500 donation. Many nonprofit organizations benefit from our attendance and our sponsors.  So thank you!!!

BlogPaws presents check to Happy Tales Humane Society
We also attended seminars and had a chance to explore the city to appreciate its culture. To read about it, if you haven't already read our review at our umbrella nonprofit, Pawsitively Humane, click here for more stories and photos highlighting BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville, TN.

Johnny Walker here. That's a wrap folks.
See you next year in Phoenix!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Riverfront Cats Receives its First Award!!

by Christine Michaels

In the world of homeless pets and pet rescue and welfare, bad news often outweighs the positive.   But Saturday night was one of those rare moments, a surprise.  Life is full of surprises.

This past week I attended the BlogPaws conference in Nashville, Tennessee, a social media conference for pet bloggers. Saturday night was the final evening and award ceremony. While I've sat through scores of award banquets, this one was different. For 20 plus years of my adult life, I've listened and watched as friends, colleagues, and strangers are announced the winners for an achievement in their work, or school or sport and  take the stage and accept their award. Some times I'll shed a tear or two of joy, even for complete strangers, moved by their story. This night was different that sent shock waves. My name and Riverfront Cats was announced as the winner of an award. 

Harrison Forbes ( Pet Talk host) & Christine Michaels

Best Use of Social Media by a Nonprofit Organization
Facebook Auction for Rogér, the Miami Le Chat Noir

My body was shaking as I stood at the podium. I have no fear of public speaking as I do it every week quite comfortably and for many years.  I was in shock to be named the winner.  Given the company I shared in this category, I did not expect to win. When you least expect it, life is full of surprises. And one pleasant surprise can uplift years of painstaking work  My blog is directly related to a cause.

Christine in shock during acceptance speech

The award was specific to a Facebook auction (the use of social media) we held for a black cat that suffered a slashed throat and dislocated jaw.  This cat looks exactly like the famous French poster, Le Chat Noir. So we gave him an American name with a French accent, Rogér. The vet bill was avalanching, approaching $4,000.  At the time, I was speaking to a friend and fellow cat blogger, Tamar from I Have Cat, and we brainstormed on fundraising ideas.  Thus the idea was born for a fun auction before Christmas time with cute and unique cat products.  While it was a lot of work, it was fun observing the heated but friendly competition as cat lovers outbid each other for an cat-auction item all for a good cause.

Poster on left, Rogér on right

This is what BlogPaws is about--connecting pet bloggers, pet guardians, pet experts (speakers, trainers, veterinarians) from across the country, to improve the welfare of all pets by sharing knowledge, studies and stories.  The body of knowledge surrounding health and behavior of pets is still evolving. Teamwork makes a difference!

While this award is not the Nobel Peace prize, in my world, I bring peace to a world of homeless cats and to a community to learn to understand and appreciate that these harmless creatures want to live in harmony with people and nature. As a hands-on volunteer and pet blogger, I am proud of the work I have undertaken for the past six years to make a difference for the welfare of feral and abandoned cats. The physical labor and the mental work in raising awareness, educating residents and communities and caring for the stray cats is no walk in the park. It's often painstaking and heartbreaking but we forge ahead. I AM an optimist. This is no small award. This is a major milestone.
Christine on red carpet after receiving award

This award gives me closure to every community cat that has suffered an injury or died.
This award gives me continued motivation and strength to do battle and enlighten closed minds.
This award gives me hope that we can reverse the rate of homeless cats and pets.

Congratulations to my fellow nominees and the winners.  I'm honored to be in your company!


Thank you to those who took the time to nominate me. Thank you BlogPaws for the recognition!
Thank you Sabrina Vega and Mollie Smith for your generosity of time and spirit in feeding and caring for the Riverfront Cats. Thank you Deb Barnes for your friendship, role model as a gifted writer, and for serving on our board of directors. Special thanks to Tamar Arslanian for your friendship, endless creativity, and genuine heart-- you are always giving, willing to help those in dire need.  This auction would not have happened without you! Thank you MOM for instilling  in me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. You are the perfect example! And to the biggest hero of all, Thank you Karen Payne, for your tireless devotion and sacrifice in caring for Rogér during this recuperation until we find him a permanent home!!!

Stay tuned for a writeup regarding the adventures of the entire BlogPaws experience in Nashville, TN! 

Be sure to follow our umbrella nonprofit organization, PAWSITIVELY HUMANE, Inc.

Riverfront Cats Reciben Su Primer Premio!!

Por Christine Michaels

En el mundo de las mascotas sin hogar y de rescate y el bienestar animal, las malas noticias a menudo pesan más que las positivas. Pero la noche del sábado fue uno de esos raros momentos, una sorpresa. La vida está llena de sorpresas.

La semana pasada asistí a la conferencia BlogPaws en Nashville, Tennessee, una conferencia de medios de comunicación social para los bloggers de mascotas. El Sábado por la noche fue la última noche y la entrega de premios final. Aunque he asistido a decenas de banquetes de adjudicación, éste fue diferente. Por más de 20 años de mi vida adulta, he escuchado y visto como amigos, colegas y extraños son anunciados como ganadores en reconocimiento de un logro en su trabajo, su escuela o deporte y toman el escenario y aceptan su premio. Algunas veces derramo una lágrima o dos de alegría, incluso para completos extraños, movidos por su historia. Esta noche fue diferente; me dejó en completo shock. Mi nombre y Riverfront Cats fue anunciado como el ganador de un premio.

Harrison Forbes (Anfitrión) & Christine Michaels

Mejor Uso de Redes Sociales por Una Organización 
sin Fines de Lucro
Subasta en Facebook para Rogér, El Gato Negro de Miami

Mi cuerpo temblaba mientras estaba en el podio. No tengo miedo de hablar en público como lo hago todas las semanas con bastante comodidad y por muchos años. Yo estaba en shock al ser nombrada la ganadora. Dada la compañía compartí en esta categoría, no esperaba ganar. Cuando menos te lo esperas, la vida está llena de sorpresas. Y una sorpresa agradable puede elevar años de arduo trabajo Mi blog está directamente relacionado con una causa.

Christine en shock durante su discurso de aceptación

El premio fue específico para una subasta de Facebook (el uso de las redes sociales) que realizamos para un gato negro que sufrió una rajadura en su garganta y dislocamiento de su mandíbula. Este gato se ve exactamente como el famoso cartel francés, Le Chat Noir. Así que le dimos un nombre americano con acento francés, Rogér. La factura del veterinario fue aumentando enormente, acercándose los $ 4.000. En ese momento, yo estaba hablando con una amiga y compañera blogger de gatos, Tamar de "Tengo Gato" y discutimos un sin número de ideas de recaudación de fondos. Así nació la idea de una divertida subasta antes de la época de Navidad con productos lindos y únicos de gatos. Si bien es mucho trabajo, fue divertido observar la intensa competencia, pero amigable donde amantes de los gatos aumentaban sus ofertas entre sí por un artículo de la subasta relacionado con gatos por una buena causa.

Cartel en la izquierda, Rogér en la derecha.

Esto es de lo que BlogPaws se trata - conecta a bloggers de mascotas, guardianes de animales domésticos, expertos en animales domésticos (altavoces, entrenadores, veterinarios) de todo el país, para mejorar el bienestar de todos los animales de compañía, compartiendo conocimientos, estudios e historias. El conocimiento que rodean la salud y el comportamiento de los animales domésticos está todavía en evolución. El trabajo en equipo hace la diferencia!

Aunque este no es el premio Nobel de la Paz, en mi mundo, yo traigo paz a un mundo de gatos sin hogar y a una comunidad para que aprendan a entender y apreciar que estas criaturas inofensivas quieren vivir en armonía con la gente y la naturaleza. Como voluntaria y blogger de mascota, estoy orgullosa del trabajo que he realizado en los últimos seis años para hacer una diferencia en el bienestar de los gatos callejeros y abandonados. El trabajo físico y el trabajo mental en la sensibilización, la educación de los residentes y las comunidades y el cuidado de los gatos callejeros no es un paseo por el parque. A menudo es laborioso y doloroso pero seguimos adelante. YO SOY optimista. Este no es un premio pequeño. Este es un logro importante.
Christine en la alfombra roja después de recibir su premio

Este premio me da cierre a todos los gatos de la comunidad que han sufrido una lesión o muerto.

Este premio me da continua motivación y fuerza para la batalla en contra de e iluminar las mentes cerradas.
Este premio me da esperanza de que podemos revertir la tasa de gatos y mascotas sin hogar.

Felicitaciones a mis compañeros nominados y los ganadores. Me siento honrada de estar en su compañía!


Gracias a todo el que tomó parte de su tiempo para nominarme. Gracias BlogPaws por el reconocimiento!
Gracias Sabrina Vega and Mollie Smith por tu generosidad en tiempo y espíritu al alimentar y cuidar los gatos de Riverfront. Gracias Deb Barnes por tu amistad, modelo a seguir como talentosa escritora y por tu servicio en nuestro Consejo de Directores. Agradecimientos especiales para Tamar Arslanian por tu amistad, tu creativad inagotable, y tu corazón genuino-- tu siempre estás dando, siempre dispuesta a ayudar a aquellos que lo necesitan.  Esta subasta no habría sucedido sin tí! Gracias Mami por inculcar en mí que puedo lograr cualquier cosa que me proponga a. Usted es el ejemplo perfecto! Y para la mayor héroe de todos, Gracias Karen Payne, por tu incansable dedicación y sacrificio en el cuidado de Rogér durante esta recuperación hasta que le encontremos un hogar permanente!!!

Manténgase atentos a mi siguiente publicación donde daré más detalles sobre las aventuras de la experiencia completa de BlogPaws en Nashville, TN! 

Asegúrense de seguir nuestra organización sin fines de lucro principal, PAWSITIVELY HUMANE, Inc.