Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review of BlogPaws 2015

Howdy fans. Geisha here to kick off the intro of our founder's latest trip to Nashville, TN for the annual BlogPaws conference.  Hence the pink cowgirl hat. 

Going through the photos, (she took a lot) there's a story behind each one.  So I selected my favorites for your benefit otherwise this could turn into a novel!  But Christine was wise to break up the entire BlogPaws experience into three blogposts: here for cat-centric theme, a more well-rounded summary at our umbrella website Pawsitively Humane; and her personal blog for the sightseeing adventures.

Christine was greeted by dogs upon entering BlogPaws. You can check out her video with all the dogs throughout the conference.  But this is a cat website-so let's get back on track. Turning over to our founder, Christine Michaels...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hello Riverfront Cats Fans and new Followers!

This was another great conference at BlogPaws so we'll jump right into it.

As a member of the BlogPaws community, one is an insider of all things pet related.  We are pioneering the industry as a direct result of blogging and leveraging social media.  We connect with writers, authors, bloggers, social media experts, pet brands, veterinarians and other experts.  


As a proud Cat Lady, I was excited to wear my new cat t-shirt "My Cat Walks All Over Me". Although it should say "My Cats..." (Plural cats).Cats are simply amazing creatures.  I am continually amazed at their range of personalities, intelligence, resilience, and other abilities.

This year I fell in love with another orange cat. Last year I met Waffles (from Glogirly) but this year Russell stole my heart. Accustomed to being chauffeured in his stroller and to people and crowds, we ran into each other several times. It was fate. I hope my husband (an orange marmalade) Jean Pierre doesn't get too jealous when he smells Russell on my clothes?

Russell and Christine connect

Christine has a soft spot for orange cats.

But then I met Sophie from Kitty Cat Chronicles.  What a dreamy cat. This fearless kitty ambled around and walked up to any person or animal--dog, cat, pigs, ferrets...Sophie walks a little funny because she has a mild- to-moderate case of cerebellar hypoplasia. This proves that "special needs" kitty, are not always a burden.  Sophie just needs someone to make sure she can stand and move along if she stumbles. She is extra special because not only does she walk on a leash or sling, she has no fear!

Then it was time to see other famous cats from long-time established blogs.

First we have Summer, a designer cat. She has to be the most beautiful cat at the conference. She's in training to be a therapy cat.  Just looking at her (she is real, not a stuffed toy!), one immediately relaxes and is mesmerized by her beauty and tranquility. Here she is in DIY fashion contest.

Then there is the impeccably and versatile fashion icon, Coco, the couture cat. And she's a talker! We knew when she needed a break during the sessions.
Teri and Deb Barnes with Coco the cat

Coco in French beret

Coco the punk rocker

Coco in Red Parisian evening couture-FABULOUS!

On Friday morning, Deb Barnes (from Zee and Zoey) and I coordinated outfits and wore our matching cat t-shirts.  Local TV stations were on the way. 

Deb Barnes & Christine Michaels wearing One Cool Cat tshirts by RCTees
Our favorite cat shirt vendor! Check our their site.

 If drinking makes one act silly, well so does lack of sleep.  Deb and I are having fun while patiently waiting for TV crews to arrive.  They may think we're "crazy" not silly.  I look like a stork!

Look at our matching shirts--as if you couldn't tell. Exhaustion from excitement.
Cat Ladies know how to have fun!

Once I wake up from this funny dream of TV crews filming a blue/green stork, I suddenly find myself in cat heaven. And it only gets better as I step into the Cat Style Lounge!  Cats, cocktails and catification accessories--this is a dangerous place! 

Featuring a range of home products from climbers, to scratchers, to toys, in stylish shapes to complement your home decor, the lounge features the latest and greatest items. I am moving this year and I have plans to "catify" my new condo. Modern but stylish. I am the modern cat woman! To view these products visit

A hammock by Cattino--I MUST HAVE!!

I won the modern purple feeder!


BlogPaws knows how to throw a cocktail event!

Thank you to all the Sponsors!

Love cupcakes

Is that a cattle bell I hear? No it's a Cat Bell!  Which means time to corral the people and pets and begin the much anticipated Award Ceremony.

Christine Michaels & Deb Barnes before dinner & award ceremony

Herman on red carpet

Shawn Simmons and Kissy the cat strike a pose.  Supermodels indeed!


This year Riverfront Cats was nominated for a Nose-to-Nose award. To our great surprise we won--our first award! We are so grateful for this award which will raise awareness for black cats, part of our mission. For more photos and stories regarding the visit Riverfront Cats posting on the award, and Pawsitively Humane.
For a list of all winners and to view the video recording, please click here.

With Dr. Patrick Mahoney, vet and writer for Pet360

Fellow bloggers are supportive of one another. I love this community!
Here with the mother of Cathy Keisha, a ghetto and stunning cat.
There are many winners here. Not just the bloggers. We are the medium for connecting pet owners, future pet owners, to the pet world. Dogs, cats, ferrets, rats...all pets are the winners.  Also, BlogPaws generously gives back to the pet welfare community throughout the entire conference. For each award winner, we chose a nonprofit to benefit from a $500 donation. Many nonprofit organizations benefit from our attendance and our sponsors.  So thank you!!!

BlogPaws presents check to Happy Tales Humane Society
We also attended seminars and had a chance to explore the city to appreciate its culture. To read about it, if you haven't already read our review at our umbrella nonprofit, Pawsitively Humane, click here for more stories and photos highlighting BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville, TN.

Johnny Walker here. That's a wrap folks.
See you next year in Phoenix!


  1. Wow, Christine! What a surprise to see you and Russell on this post. I have to say, Russell was quite smitten with you. He is still sleeping at this hour but I know he will love seeing you two together in the photo.

    1. Hello Jobi! You're welcome. Can't wait to see Russell again! Big smooch for him! Mwah!!!

    2. Hello Jobi! Thought you would like to know that Russell is shown again on latest blog post about the upcoming BlogPaws conference!

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