Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Raining Black Cats

Celebrity Cat: Otto from Los Angeles

Le Chat Noir was a fabulous event and a success!

If you missed this exciting, inaugural event, there are many photo slideshows to watch.

The day started with a Harley motorcycle ride from Peterson's South dealer to the EPIC Hotel in downtown Miami--the only five star hotel that allows pets!

The celebrity guest was biker cat, Otto, and his chauffer, Christopher Coppola (nephew to Francis Ford Coppola and brother to Nicolas Cage).

 Thanks to a wonderful photographer, Claudia Rehder, she captured the essence of the event!

Christopher Coppola and Otto arrive at the EPIC Hotel, downtown Miami

Christopher Coppola and Otto wearing Goggles

Otto and Christine connect

Otto and Christine fall in love

Back at the gallery, swimsuit models practice with fellow black cat models walking down catwalk.

Swimsuit model and Gypsy (black cat model)

Christopher and Otto arrive at art Gallery in Design District

Otto comfortably smiles at flashing cameras and walks through crowds/fans

Carole Stevens Bibisi and Christine Michaels
Carole Stevens Bibisi is the well known author of a book that champions the cause of black cats, "Tails of American Bronte". Visit her site at http://www.artharmonycreations.com/.

Tia with Gypsy and Charlene with Dusky Rose
The two black kittens above were models for the evening and showed off their beauty, grace and intelligence. They shined on the catwalk as they walked on leashes. Both kittens are available for adoption! If you're interested in cats that are not "scared" or "skiddish" and love attention and people, these kittens are very special. They have been exposed to people and crowds since they were little. If you are interested in adopting them PLEASE CONTACT the Cat Network at http://www.thecatnetwork.org/

The event raised awareness about the plight of homeless cats and shone a spotlight on black cats to turn around myths associated with their black color. The video below shares the positive history of the black cats, photos of famous celebrities with their black cat, and Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat.

To see more photos of the event by Tomas Loewy, click here.

You can save a life! Donate, volunteer, foster--anything. Contact Christine Michaels to help the Riverfront Cats.

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  1. Otto Sure looks like a Havana Brown.

  2. What an awesome event-I wish I could have attended. Look at Otto!!! Love the goggles :) thanks for all of the photos & 'report' about it!