Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save the Cats from Electrocution!

With the rainy season around the corner, the new black cats face a potential  horrifying death.
First  the black cats live on the west side of the condo inbetween the FPL lot and the IVY condo. They are not welcome on the east side, under the bridge, by the other Riverfront Cats. When it rains, the black cats are normally under the park benches or FPL trucks. However, we learned that during thunderstorms, one cat last year sought refuge in the transformer room of FPL and was electrocuted! Horrors!

To prevent this from happening to the newcomer black cats, Christine has a solution! One kind family in West Palm Beach was selling a CUSTOM MADE PET LOG HOUSE on Craig's List. Christine contacted the owner and was able to convince her to donate the log house for the homeless cats in downtown Miami. However, it turns out this large, waterproof, beautiful log pet house, WEIGHS 800 POUNDS! 

Custom made log pet house with shingle roof (waterproof)

After two months, Christine is unable to rally 10 volunteers to commit on a specific date and time to help lift and move the log pet house from West Palm Beach to downtown Miami. The only solution is to hire a moving company. After various phone calls, the least expensive quote was for $500. This is to pay for gas, time, and several men.

Therefore we are collecting donations to get this house for the homeless black cats. Please know we are running out of time! The family needs that space and the husband is ready to take an axe to it by next week!

You can donate very easily by clicking on the DONATION button at top right! Any amount is greatly appreciated--$10, $20, $100...

Thank you for your kind attention and generosity.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Black Cat Cafe opened on Friday the 13th

To overcome superstition and raise awareness and funding for homeless pets, PALS, a nonprofit organization from Devon, Pennsylvania, opened the Black Cat cafe last Friday, May 13. That magical number 13 alongside the lucky black cat. Let's double our fortune! Well for those of you who know the history of the black cat, it's all positive!

Read the article, watch the video and visit their website.

So next time you're in Pennsylvania, add Devon to your itinerary for delicious food, great value and it's tax free!

Bon Apetit!

p.s. Please leave a comment below. Thanks for supporting this blog and homeless cats!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Martha Stewart Pets Prize Pack Giveaway

In honor of upcoming Mother's Day and since I'm a mother of pets only, I wanted to give away something special to pet mothers or caretakers, anywhere in the world.

As of May 9, 10:30pm:

Being a mother is a big responsibility.  I enjoy mothering my dog and cats. They keep me grounded and remind not to take life and health for granted. It's the simple things in life that can bring joy-- a pat on the head, a hug, lounging on the balcony surrounded by loved ones, a drink and a good book. You don't need too many riches to be happy.

Yes, that's what they teach me. After going through hard times, my pets remind me of the important things in life. I'm so blessed and want to give back.

Below is a photo of a prize pack I want to give away to one special mother or caretaker of pets, any pet. It contains ...

1-  a "Doggy Day Care Kit" (or fancy lunch bag )
2-  a Gingham decorative feeding bowl (a 3 piece bowl set)
3-  a matching light blue, lipped feeding mat
4-  and luxurious cream colored pet bed

If you win, enjoy it for your pet. Sure your pet doesn't know the difference in decor, but you do! Of if you are a fellow pet adoption volunteer, use this as a value-added gift basket to help increase adoptions.  My analogy is this--what makes any home or outfit standout? The accessories! Sometimes it just takes a little color, bling, or splash to distinguish your home, outfit or pet from the rest! I'll even wrap cellophane and add a silver bow for you!

1- Just add a comment to any of the postings on this website (except this one). Each comment counts as one entry. Maximum 10 comments permitted. The comment must be a full sentence.

2- To add a comment, go to the bottom of a posting and click "Comments". A window should pop up.

3- Write your comment and type your full name at the end of the comment (unless you have a Blogger account and it will automatically identify you). If you wish to remain anonymous on the comments or use a code name, then you will need to send me an email to let me know which was your comment.
Send email to

4- Then "Choose an Identity". If you never left a comment on a blog, this next part may sound tricky. But it's easy. Just takes a little getting used to.

Option 1 is if you have a Blogger account
Option 2 is OpenID and more sophisticated. I've never used but if you have--go for it.
Option 3 is Name/URL. Here you can enter just a first name and last initial or a code name. If you have a website, you can enter that as well but it's not necessary. This allows other readers to visit your website. It's all part of network marketing.
Option 4 is Anonymous.

If you use Option 3 or 4, you'll need to send me an email to let me know you left a comment.

5- Hit "Preview" or "Publish Comment". Keep in mind it may not go live right away. Sometimes it takes up to an hour in the event the moderator has to approve it.

This is good practice as I plan on doing many more giveaways to thank you, my readers!

Since not everyone has a pet, odds of winning are excellent! ALSO,  I will ship this FREE of charge anywhere in the world. So to my international readers, you can participate as well!

DEADLINE is Monday, May 9th at 10pm, EST.  The winner will be chosen by and announced on Tuesday, May 10th.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Annie & Abby--Adopt both for reduced fee

Hello dawlings! My name is Annie and as you can see I'm an exotic tortie. I have resided in this cat adoption center for longer than most cats but alas it is now run amok with kittens who want to take my spotlight. Who do they think they are?! Little princesses?! In that case it's time for me to graduate to a private, exclusive home. Do you qualify to adopt moi? Yes I am a Diva [In a whispering voice] I will only say this once, and never again will my lips utter these words, "I'm really a pussy cat but want to be a Diva. Maybe someone will want to adopt me then? [clearing throat,huh hmm] My prowess and agility rivals that of an elegant panther.  So I ask again, are you good enough to adopt me? Is your home full of love, warmth, and only the finest cat couture and fancies?

Greetings curious onlookers! My name is Abby (short for Abigail) and yes I'm the sister to her Diva-ness Annie. But really I'm smarter. I let Annie think she's prettier, and let her get all the attention. You see I love my sister and we were rescued together, raised together and play together. We are family and can not  be separated. Too many of our cousins on the streets have sadly been separated. Some fallen victims to ... I am grateful just to be with my sister. But we're a little cramped with all these kittens. We really need a true home with parents who will welcome our mix fur color of black and orange.  An exotic melting pot is what we are, yes indeed! We are loyal, playful and give unconditional love. Oh and you'll soon see we’re not scared of humans or strangers or visitors and we just had our first encounter with a dog. She was friendly!

There are many advantages to adopting adult cats and experts recommend adopting two rather than one. With adult cats you know their temperament and personality. Are they tame and sweet or little Gremlins? Well these girls are accustomed to people, other cats, and are well-mannered. Just don't separate them.

If you are interested in meeting Annie & Abby, please contact foster mother Jodi at

Both cats are vaccinated, spayed, dewormed, tested negative for feline FIV/Felv.
The adoption fee is normally $75 per cat. --Adopt both for only $100!
If you adopt this sister duo, you will receive a plush, leopard print, luxurious cat bed and matching carrier, and a ceramic pussy cat food bowl!

These 2 year old cats are residing at the PetSmart in Midtown Miami
3101 North Miami Ave., Miami, FL, 33127
Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m. - 9p.m.
Sunday: 10a.m. - 6pm