Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save the Cats from Electrocution!

With the rainy season around the corner, the new black cats face a potential  horrifying death.
First  the black cats live on the west side of the condo inbetween the FPL lot and the IVY condo. They are not welcome on the east side, under the bridge, by the other Riverfront Cats. When it rains, the black cats are normally under the park benches or FPL trucks. However, we learned that during thunderstorms, one cat last year sought refuge in the transformer room of FPL and was electrocuted! Horrors!

To prevent this from happening to the newcomer black cats, Christine has a solution! One kind family in West Palm Beach was selling a CUSTOM MADE PET LOG HOUSE on Craig's List. Christine contacted the owner and was able to convince her to donate the log house for the homeless cats in downtown Miami. However, it turns out this large, waterproof, beautiful log pet house, WEIGHS 800 POUNDS! 

Custom made log pet house with shingle roof (waterproof)

After two months, Christine is unable to rally 10 volunteers to commit on a specific date and time to help lift and move the log pet house from West Palm Beach to downtown Miami. The only solution is to hire a moving company. After various phone calls, the least expensive quote was for $500. This is to pay for gas, time, and several men.

Therefore we are collecting donations to get this house for the homeless black cats. Please know we are running out of time! The family needs that space and the husband is ready to take an axe to it by next week!

You can donate very easily by clicking on the DONATION button at top right! Any amount is greatly appreciated--$10, $20, $100...

Thank you for your kind attention and generosity.


  1. Done. Please help these kitties and thank you Riverfront Cats for all your time, compassion, and generosity.

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  3. Awesome blog indeed! And good job making that custom log pet house I hope you can teach me how to do that so I can built one for my pet cat. Anyway did know that how to train a kitten does magnificent job on training cats?