Friday, October 9, 2020

Sweet Romeo Needs Your Love and Help

Romeo, always with tongue out

One of the sweetest cats in our colony is no doubt a black cat named Romeo.  Always gentle. Ready to greet you. And no he is not expecting food. If anything, he is disappointed if you serve food before spending quality time bonding with him, petting him. He is a true gentlecat.  Manners and affection come first. He is loved by all, the volunteers that feed him, the security staff, guests, visitors, and passerbys.   

Romeo as well other Riverfront Cats are now turning 11 years old.  Visibly Romeo is showing signs of illness and pain. His beautiful black cat has turned red. We knew the time would come when they start to age and reach this sad stage of deterioration.

As you can see Romeo is skinny. We can feel the spinal cord. With other healthy cats this is not visible. Also his shiny black coat has dulled and turned red, a sign of deficiency. While his tongue tip sticking out makes him even cuter, the drooling concerns us. Normally this is a sign of oral difficulty.  Upon feeding him dry food, he winces and waits for the moist food.

Romeo looking skinny and his coat turning red

At the vet for his examination, one could see the back teeth were in horrible condition and would need to be extracted. Romeo also has FIV, thus making it harder to fight any infection. We obtained an estimate for dental extractions. Below is a copy of the estimate.

Therefore friends we ask for your help in raising funds to help Romeo.  We have zero funds now during the pandemic.  Our goal is to raise $400 to cover the first visit and the procedure for dental work. Please click here to donate with Paypal or debit/credit card. Or Paypal payments can be sent to, our umbrella nonprofit.

There are also two new cats that sadly were dumped in the neighborhood.  So funding is needed for their vet exam and to get the necessary vaccinations, flea/tick treatment and spayed/neutered.  Remember no amount is too small.

As always we welcome donations of cat food. We have never missed a day of feeding. Preferably moist food with lots of gravy. Friskies canned food with gravy is their favorite easy on the teeth.

Thank you all for your generosity.

Stay safe.