Monday, October 16, 2017

National Feral Cat Day 2017

Miami community cats feral cats homeless pets
Gabriel relieved to see us the night after Hurricane Irma

It's National Feral Cat Day! Which means our community cats (feral, semi-feral and friendly cats) will all receive extra love and attention, and petting and their favorite food and treats.

At Riverfront Cats, we lead by example in caring for community cats.  While we can't trap or foster every stray cat in Miami, our goal is to educate others who come upon a stray cat or kitten, what they can do to help the cat and their neighborhood.   As more residents are educated the better chance we have to educate politicians and keep building a movement towards reversing homeless pets. 

This year we missed a bullet when Hurricane Irma shifted west of Miami and we were impacted by the outer bands. Thankfully all our cats were unaffected.  The silver lining in this chaotic time was gaining an understanding about assessing and preparing for a hurricane.  Our last post, addresses the question, "Is It Better to Bring In or Leave Colony Cats Outdoors During a Hurricane?".

 We continue to manage our colony with great care, ensuring they are in decent health and have shelter from regular rain and cold.  Above, Sabrina is pictured taking a nap on the upper bunk.

national feral cat day bunk beds for cats
Sabrina & Gabriel love their bunk beds.
However some of our cats, at least two, are showing signs of illness. They are now nine years old. Also, with the regular rain and now the addition of roosters, chickens, opossums and raccoons,  more food is needed to feed the growing brood.  It's a mini jungle here in downtown Miami! Plus the shelters must be replaced every 5-6 months. It's the same as caring for any family, any home. 

Sadly many pets were dumped by owners before the hurricane, that some of our volunteers are caring for them.

It's always the same individuals, the ones who have the least, that give the most. But unfortunately funds are not limitless. It's time for us to come together.

BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION for helping feral cats
Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to ask for your involvement and help in considering a donation. Any amount. $10, $20, $50, $100.  No amount is too small or large.

Simply, click on the DONATE button below or on the right column to make your donation.  Your statement will say PHI or Pawsitively Humane Inc, our umbrella organization.

You are always welcome to meet the Riverfront Cats, and take photos and video !!

 CONFLICT RESOLUTION - we are here for you
And if you find yourself in a hostile situation with a neighbor or anyone else in caring for community cats, Christine, our founder and President is also ambassador and can help diffuse the situation. The goal is for harmony for all--residents, cats and the neighborhood. No one wants conflict, there is always a solution!!  We are here to help.