Sunday, September 12, 2010

Your Invited to Le Chat Noir, October 2nd

You are invited to a very special event..

An event to raise awareness about homeless pets, Le Chat Noir (the Black Cat) is an elegant, chic soiree to dazzle at the Design District in Miami, Florida.

This is for ALL animal lovers, not just cat people. Come enjoy an evening with professionals of all backgrounds with a common interest in turning around the rising numbers of homeless pets.

For only $50 a ticket, attendees enjoy unlimited Bacardi cocktails, wine, hors d' by Smith & Wollensky, Buddha Bar type music, the unveiling of the DEVA swimwear with a fashion show and black cats strutting down the catwalk modeling their diamond collars, grace and beauty. To top off the event, celebrity guest Christopher R. Coppola and his biker cat (and black cat) Otto will ride up in matching top hats, all in celebrating the event's honoree.

A galore of raffle prizes including hotel packages with round of golf, spa packages, family memberships to local attractions will be given away.

Don't miss this inaugural event. Help save a life or nine lives by supporting this wonderful cause.
Click here to purchase tickets.

 (Tickets are $75 at the door).

Christine Michaels
Chairperson, Le Chat Noir
The Cat Network

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christine Named Volunteer of the Month

Greetings Friends, Family & Neighbors of Christine Michaels, this is her "blog sister" Alicia Grecco.

I received news that Christine was named Volunteer of the Month by the Cat Network.

You would think she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Christine was overjoyed with tears!

I think it's part exhaustion. As many of you know Christine has two jobs (a day off is rare--maybe couple of hours by the pool she's still working on the phone) and is dedicated to ensuring the 17 stray cats on her condo complex are fed daily, are happy, healthy and playful. Without the consistency of feeding, the cats tend to risk crossing the six-lane road (with cars speeding like demonic machines) in search of food. Not mother nature, not fashion police, nothing will stop her from feeding the cats. You'll even find Christine in 4-inch Jimmy Choos and Ellie Tahari suit gracefully walking on gravel, scooping cat food and petting furry heads with her perfectly manicured hands.  Sounds like a juxtaposition. It's the professional Cat Lady, the Sexy Cat Lady as her neighbors call her.
On top of that she is orchestrating an elegant soiree/fundraiser for the Cat Network on Oct 2, the first of its kind. She will announce it soon so all animal lovers can attend. This she does on her free time as a volunteer! As a soccer mom I thought my life was the ultimate juggling act. While Christine may not have children, her various jobs and projects are her children. She is 200% committed and it shows.

So what does Christine share on this announcement day "I still hear people complain about BP's irresponsible, negligent corporate behavior in not investing in safety measures in proportion to their oil rig operations. In addition to the welfare of businesses/families affected, animal lovers are concerned about the suffering of sea life. Well I want to bring to everyone's attention, there are animals suffering in your backyard everyday! The stray and feral cats are born as a result of the neglect of a neighbor who did not spay/neuter their outdoor cat or are dumping them into the streets! The litany of dangers, diseases, injuries that plague a street cat's life will move you to tears!"

She continues, "In downtown Miami, we are witnessing a proliferation of cat population that did not exist before. True animal lovers can help with minimal effort and money and make a huge difference. I would ask that anyone reading this, contact a local rescue group for cats and dogs, and ask how they can help."

If you live in Miami, next time you're walking your high-priced dog with the $40 collar or buying $10+ cocktails at Happy Hour, consider donating a few dollars to help one innocent creature live humanely. This website will tell you how.

"Until someone has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."