Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christine Celebrates National Feral Cat Day

It's my favorite day of the year! Along with my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, NATIONAL FERAL CAT Day is my day! Because I'm not just a cat lady. I AM A FERAL CAT LADY--and proud of it!

In celebration I dressed up in my CAT LADY costume to feed the Riverfront Cats at Station 1. Honestly the original intent  was for a video contest to win cat food but then I thought--why not share my cat lady moments with all of you!  Of course I knew the awkward looks and glances that would dart my way. But alas when I got on the elevator it was all men and they were quite intrigued and talkative! Imagine that! Suddenly they were interested in my work in feeding cats. Hmm this gives me an idea for fundraising...

So in celebration of Feral Cats, I share these photos to share, laugh, and celebrate feral cats!
Now do these look like photos of a crazy cat lady?Wait don't answer that!

Christine does slow motion cat walk

Lion King is a feral cat
He rubs against my legs in
celebration of dinner!

Christine feeds Lion King and Leroy Chaz

"Say Tuna and CHEESE!"

"Oh my cat goddess! I'm missing a tail!"
I must be a stray cat

The video below was taken during feeding time at this feeding station.
Leroy Chaz is the black cat and would rather be petted than eat.
Meanwhile Lion King starts eating his food.

Leroy Chaz is also the sister of Tiffany who was adopted. Don't they look alike?


  1. I must be strange but I love watching cats eating!!! Christine you are the Cat Lady for sure! I am not saying crazy though!! You have those kitties practically eating out of your hand mol

  2. I love, love, love all you do for them! We love all feral kitties and try to do our best for them every single day!

  3. Holy catsuit, Batman!! You sure do make National Feral Cat Day, a day to celebrate!! So wonderful to see Leroy again - he is my feautured poster feral cat at Zee and Zoey today!! Great job Christine and blessings for all that you do for the outdoor cats in your neighborhood. xoxo

  4. Well you are the BEST kind of Cat Lady there is!!!
    Those sweet kitties are so lucky to have you. I love that you can share scritches with them too!
    bless you xo

  5. I cam to comment with a WELL DONE and You LOOK WONDERFUL and Deb Barnes post made me laugh!! Your Lion King kitty (?) is a dead ringer for DashKitten (the cameo coloured one)

    Marjorie and Dash

  6. Awwww Leroy seems to really enjoy the love!