Sunday, October 14, 2012

Name this gangster kitten

Time to turn on those creative juices and help us name the newest kitten!

There are many factors that influence a cat's adoption: their temperament, personality, photos, their story and their name.

While there are many cute names, selecting the right name can make a difference on who adopts the kitten and how fast they are adopted
I once named two brothers Stoli (tabby) and Smirnov. The latter was a grey blue kitten that  literally looked like he came straight from Russia--well groomed, stern but handsome face and highly intelligent.  They were adopted within a couple of weeks. Was it luck? Perhaps part luck but a little marketing goes a long way.

Last week we rescued two tuxedo kittens further up the river. So as we observe their behavior, habits and personality, we brainstorm for fitting names.  The one on the left was easy--Figaro.  He's playful, curious, active and acts timid sometimes compared to his brother. Would you agree on the name?

Figaro (named after opera comic)

 Now the brother on the right, I first named Zorro. He took charge and appeared the dominant one, protecting his damsel sister (Chanel) and slightly timid brother. But upon further observation, Zorro is quite gangster, especially when it comes to feeding time.  The second I place their bowls of food they all run to the first place and immediately Zorro lashes out, clawing his brother and sister. So I knew he had to be renamed.

Capone or Gambino? or other name?

I first thought of Capone. Then upon researching famous gangsters for further inspiration I came across the most interesting website and online debate about the top ranked successful mafia bosses.  Al Capone was listed number one. Understandably he is the most recognized name. But then commentators argue it was Anthony Accardo since he ran his business for over 50 years (longer than Capone) and never spent a day in jail. Others argue Accardo was a pupil of Capone and learned from Capone's mistake. But for my purposes, Anthony is a name for a human and most people don't know the name Accardo. Next!

Number 2 on the "Top 20 Most Successful Gangsters" is Lucky Luciano. Hmm now we're onto something.

In the 1930s Luciano wiped out the old, traditional Sicilian mafia and began a national, American crime syndicate made up of hundreds of ethnic gangs. Under his guidance, the mafia began to operate much like an international business and his acumen and organization are largely credited for allowing the mafia to rule over the American crime for half a century.

One commentator added that Luciano started the five most feared crime families in America and should be listed as number one.

Yet others say Carlo Gambino (now there's a catchy name to the ear--Gambino) is the original Godfather.
and was "low key and classy" and wanted others to be in the limelight.

It's all subjective in my opinion, depending what your criteria is for "successful gangster". Is it amount of money or violence? Or both?

I bet you didn't expect to learn a little mafia history on a cat website!

Getting back to the matter at hand, what name do you think is the best name for kitty number 2? Capone? Luciano? (then he'll be nicknamed Lucy--won't work) Lucky? (no! too common) or Gambino?
NOTE: We just discovered he hates dogs and is terrified but he fights back with a vengeance.

Click on "comment" below and share your suggestions!

And yes--these kittens are ready for adoption!
9 weeks old
Bloodtested negative for feline Aids and Leukemia
4 in 1 vaccine shot

Adoption fee is $55 or get both kittens for the fee of one!Send us an email at to meet Figaro and ______.


  1. Oh, we love gangster shows here -
    We've got a few suggestions:

    Nucky (from Boardwalk Empire)
    Lucky (as in Luciano)
    Soprano (duh!)

    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  2. @ speedyrabbit We weren't sure about Luciano but then remembered the pronunciation is "loo-chi-ano). It does have Italian ring to it along with Figaro. We like, we like.

  3. I'm with Katie and Glogirly...I was gonna say Soprano

  4. @ CATachresis We like the name Rocco--never occurred to us. It's short and punchy and also with an Italian ring. Thank you for the suggestion!

  5. @Katie and Glogirly--Wow what great suggestions! This is getting harder. We love mafia movies but are not as knowledgeable as we thought. Never heard of Nucky or Boardwalk Empire. This is good reason to rent movies.

  6. I vote for Bugsy - it has some whimsy to it and he looks like a Bugsy. Otherwise, Luciano is best and let no one DARE to call him Lucy!