Friday, October 5, 2012

Rags to Riches - Tiffany

Rags to Riches Contest

Celebrating Tiffany's Adoption

 with a Tiffany Necklace Giveaway

For the inaugural contest of Rags to Riches we are celebrating big and in style!  In celebration of our first black cat, Tiffany, getting adopted, we are giving away a Tiffany necklace! First, please take a moment to read Tiffany's story and then enter the contest and share with others!

Tiffany's Story

Tiffany is a stray, black cat and was over a year old when she was finally adopted.  Adult black cats are the most challenging pet adoptions.  So when Tiffany was finally adopted, her new mother was surprised to learn this fact about black cats and offered to donate this necklace to encourage other animal lovers to adopt black cats and dogs. Yvonne, her mother was captivated by her exotic look--the stunning eyes and silky black coat.  

Tiffany was an outdoor, friendly cat.  We took in Tiffany to save her from electrocution. You see her mother and then brother found shelter and warmth in the transformer room at the neighboring Florida Power & Light yard during cold winter nights. We assumed she would be happier in a home with no extreme heat and humidity, less ants and regular food.  However, Tiffany, already a year old, did not appear any happier living indoors especially in a condo.  You see sometimes bringing an outdoor cat inside, you take away their freedom to run freely, climb trees, chase away birds. In observing Tiffany there was a trace of sadness in her eyes and body language.  Overall she was better off but on the 40th floor there were no birds this high to watch, no trees to climb, no room to run carefree with her energy. She missed playing with her brother. Chaz Leroy still remains outside, the spitting image of his sister.

RAGS: Tiffany BEFORE photo  when living outside

RICHES: Tiffany AFTER photo  living indoors

Thankfully a kind person in Baltimore, MD took an interest in Tiffany. Yvonne had just taken in another cat that was abandoned in the neighborhood (the cat had a microchip; the listed phone number was disconnected). This was Yvonne's first cat. She never took in a stray cat and called us for guidance. This "Tasmanian devil with high energy" was anointed Taz. Once Taz was comfortably living in his new home, it was apparent that Taz needed a playmate. Checking in with Yvonne and Taz's progress, I mentioned our latest rescue, Tiffany, a black cat.   In learning about her story and looking at her photos on this website, Yvonne immediately connected with this black kitty. She was not afraid of black cats or have any averse or delayed reaction! So when I explained that adult black cats are the least adopted, the decision was made. Tiffany would have a permanent home immediately. Arrangements were made to transport Tiffany to Baltimore, Maryland. 

After her first airplane ride, Tiffany quickly adjusted and is thoroughly enjoying her new two story home, with plenty of room to zip and run up and down the stairs (often chased by her suitor Taz) and climbing a three-tier cat condo. Yvonne placed it in her living room next to the largest window where Taz and Tiffany gaze at the birds and squirrels.  Thankfully Tiffany is back to her happy self.

Tiffany top right, Taz left at their home in Baltimore, MD
Tiffany looking out the window

For those of you who follow this blog, you'll recall that Tiffany was the winner of the nationwide Best Black Cat photo contest sponsored by Best Friend Animal Society in 2009.  You see stray cats make the best pets and companions.  We love happy endings and that is why we are celebrating!

We have other black cats for adoption as well. Please visit this link to view our special, adoptable cats.
And now for the contest!


The contest is open to anyone in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and the European Union.

To win the necklace, leave a comment on any posting on this blog. You are permitted up to 5 comments (but each comment must be on a separate post) and will receive one entry per comment.  Be sure to include your email address in the comment so we know how to reach you!

Like us on Facebook: (one entry).

Contest ends at 11pm EST October 12, 2012 and will be announced the following week. 

Good luck!


  1. What a beautiful *happy ending* story... YAY for Tiffany and Taz!

    We'd love to be entered in the necklace giveaway. : )
    Katie & Glogirly

  2. It is so rare that there is a giveaway that includes the UK, we are jumping at the chance to win the beautiful necklace!

    Tiffany's story is what it's all about. Kitties finding the purrfect forever home :)) So love a happy ending x

    My email is attached to my link and is also on my blogger profile :)

  3. What a lovely story and gorgeous necklace!! While I would very much love to win this great prize, I will pass the opportunity on to someone else, as I feel it is the right thing to do in my heart.

  4. I love black cats. My oldest is a beautiful DSH with a split personality. He is Ryuuji/Chaos. A neighborhood stray had the kittens under mt trailer and I took the family in. I found homes for all but Chaos. He has been with me since August 2000 and is the acknowledged Kitty Emperor of the household. zoycite7 at hotmail dot com

  5. That's a wonderful story. I read it while my own black cat, Pilchard, attempts to obstruct my computer time by lying in my lap. The neighborhood kids all love to see her sitting in the window on Halloween but she finds them annoying so they consider themselves lucky if she's in the window when they stop by.

  6. The plight of all homeless cats is heartbreaking, but I have a special place in my heart for black kitties. Such beautiful, silky-coated, sweet cats are overlooked shelters by the public, and it makes me so sad. At the shelter where I found my Squeak, at least 25% of their population are black cats at any given time. I appreciate them giving them a wonderful place to stay until (hopefully) they find their forever homes. I don't care how much "bad luck" I accumulate in my life, I feel incredibly lucky to have my two black kitties, Squeak and BooKitty!

  7. A wonderful end to a sad start in life,you are one luck kitty Tiffany and beautiful too.

  8. wonderful. Good work lady! If I win I will auction it off to help more black kitties how's that! :)

  9. what a wonderful donation. i hope it brings about awareness of the plight of black kitties..

    (btw, do you know you have word verification on your blog?)

  10. I am SO happy for Tiffany-she looks like she now has an amazing home, and such a generous giveaway! Thank you all! Raine Dawson at: buzzyngabe(at)

  11. Dee and Spaghetti-BobOctober 11, 2012 at 12:48 AM

    Helloooo and mew!

    It would be so pawsome to win this beautiful jewels that pales in comparison to the beauty of a girlie cat. Or my human, she is awesome too!

    (and Dee)

  12. All my little babies are rescue and our family is infinitely blessed. Everyone deserves to be so happy :)

  13. I'm so happy things worked out for Tiffany. I love black cats and black &white cats. They look so happy in the picture! Great set up also.
    Please enter me in the contest.
    Connie Marie