Monday, October 22, 2012

Figaro & Luciano for Adoption

Figaro and Luciano

UPDATE: These kittens were adopted in December 2012

Well it's time for cute and adorable Riverfront kitten adoptions. We have two handsome, healthy TUXEDO male kittens--talk about double trouble--for adoption.

Figaro and Luciano were found up the Miami River along with two other female siblings. One was already adopted in less than 24 hours!

Climbing onto the dishwasher--no, no!

Luciano (pronounced Lu-chee-ano with Italian accent) and Figaro are 10 weeks old, active, playful kittens. They love to be boys and climb, and wrestle and play good guy vs. bad guy --one chasing the other. Luciano (named after mafia boss Lucky Luciano) is quite clever and will quietly race up a recyclable shopping bag hanging from drawer handle, climb it with his nails and land on countertop in search of loot--food! His brother Figaro is equally clever but when he wants to rest, Figaro is a love bug and enjoys to snuggle near you, on your lap, chest, face...

We had fun naming them based on personality but you're welcome to rename them of course! Some suggestions : Carlo and Gambino (Carlo Gambino is another mob boss), Rocco, Capone...

Both Luciano and Figaro had blood tests (all negative), physical exam, and  received 4 vaccinations.They will need to be neutered in two months. (We will take care of that for you at no additional cost).

They are healthy and ready to bring the action to your home!

Adoption fee is $55 per kitten or take both for the same fee. They love to play together, entertain each other, and keep each other company while you're out of the home. Two is always better than one.

To meet Luciano and Figaro contact

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