Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For Adoption: Ray Ray (Kitten with no eyes) & Rocky Balboa

blind kitten black kittens for adoption Miami Riverfront Cats

Talk about two peas in a pod. Well these two black peas are foster brothers. The same color, the same gender (male), the same age, these two kittens are thrilled to have eachother as playmates.

Ray Ray, born in Little Haiti in Miami,  was born without eyes  but he can still walk, climb, and jump. His fur is super soft.  He acts like any other kitten. So do not worry about him! Worry about yourself and your food. He loves to eat and will find a way to jump or climb to get to food.

Rocky Balboa of Miami (Rocky for short), was discovered alone in downtown Miami. Somehow he disconnected from his mother. Thankfully he was saved from fast moving vehicles. Rocky has jet black satin fur and is quick as lightening. He also loves to snuggle.

 Both kittens are 5 months and ready for permanent home. Vaccinated, blood test for feline aids and leukemia were negative, pending neutering.

The adoption fee is normally $85 per kitten, but adopt both kittens for one fee and when you adopt R&R you also receive this lovely adoption kit. A cat carrier, three books: a resource manual and two nonfiction stories

The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey, ASPCA Cat Care manual, and the top selling cat book worldwide.  Homer's Odyssey. Plus matching black cat bowls. Total retail value is $150!

If you have not read the famous Homer's Odyssey, YOU WILL LOVE IT! Gwen Cooper the author originates the story in South Beach, where she had two cats and her vet convinced her to adopt a third cat, a blind kitten.   From this personal account we learn that blindness does not hamper cats but hyperdrives their other senses.  This blind black cat even protected his owner from an attacker who broke into her apartment in the middle of the night.  Homer, even chased the attacker the condo hallway.

Through both books, the reader learns a wealth of knowledge about science behind cats, their habits, essence, abilities, and antic ways. The science of cats is evolving.  We are on the forefront of this exotic creature.

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  1. I hope these 2 cuties get adopted soon-together.

  2. What sweeties! We purr that the find their furever home.