Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The sign of a sterilized cat


Bobbie's ear is clipped
One day, when a seismic shift occurs and someone, somehow will rally those with the means and resources to broadcast the plight of homeless cats nationwide, one of the pillars of knowledge that desperately needs attention is the universal sign of a sterilized cat

Every week I receive emails from the Cat Network notifying us that someone turned in a sterilized cat (meaning it is spayed/neutered) at the county shelter. It's heartbreaking because chances are high the cat will be euthanized.  Worse, as a volunteer, I know the sweat, back-breaking work it takes to set traps, wait in the heat, humidity and get attacked by mosquitoes, trap the cat, lug the heavy cat in cage, the post surgery care and recuperation, even the feral ones...

It could mean that someone does not like stray cats, assume the cats will reproduce and did not know that it was sterilized. These anonymous people will hire a professional trapper, only for a perfectly happy, healthy outdoor cat to face death. It's pure frustration.  There's so much education needed! Where are the animal-loving media? Where are the PSAs? I've often ranted about this and I will repeat it again:
"There is a solution, a cure! We just need a little funding to raise awareness!"

Dr. Patty Khuley is a Miami veterinarian and writes a pet column in the Miami Herald under the name Dr. Doolittler.

Here is a question by a resident who adopted a cat with the ear tipped sliced or "mangled". Actually that "mangled" ear is a universal sign the cat is spayed/neutered and saves many cat lives from euthanization.

Click below for Dr. Doolittler's explanation. The cats at Riverfront all have tipped ears. Usually it's their left ear (right ear if we face them) that is tipped or has a v cut.

Samantha has V cut in ear
(performed by Planned Pethood)

 Please share this posting with all your friends and family and save a life!

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