Sunday, June 5, 2011

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker

INTRODUCING... a smooth cat, Johnny Walker.
This is no scaredy black cat. No siree. This special guy loves people and will welcome your house guests and greet them like an English butler with his polite manners and jolly belly. He gets along well with other cats and respects dogs that are well behaved.

Johnny is about two years old and enjoys the outdoors. Hence he loves to run out onto the balcony, climb the furniture and run around, soak in the fresh air and relax on the lounge chair. All he's missing is a glass of whiskey!

Johnny is a handsome, all black cat. If you ever had a black cat, you will know they are special. Black cats tend to be more social with people in general and not "scaredy" cats like most myths.  He does well in public and sits on shopping cart at PetSmart, laying quietly atop his white cat throne (with collar and leash attached). Oh yes, he's quite the model and poses well for photos. See below.

Johnny has been bloodtested, vaccinated and neutered. Remember if you go to any vet, these procedures would cost you an average of $300 total FOR ONE CAT! All medical paperwork available. The fee to adopt him is  $75.

When adopting Johnny Walker you also receive a beautiful gift basket containing a bag of dry cat food, several cans of premium Science Hill moist food, a black and white ceramic cat pet bowl,  a black and white luxurious pet bed, a brand new toy, and a book "50 Games to Play with Your Cat". This gift basket alone is worth $75.  It's a great starter kit. Oh and you'll also receive a bottle of COPPOLA Wine (you choose red or white) personally donated by Christopher R. Coppola and Otto his black cat ( the celebrity guest at the Black Cat gala) for any person that adopts a black cat.

By the way, black cats are NOT bad luck. On the contrary the female black cat was worshipped in ancient Egypt.  As the chairperson of the Black Cat Gala, Christine organized an event showcasing the black cats' beauty, grace and intelligence as black cat models strutted down the catwalk--yes actual cats!

To see photos of the event and a video demystifying the falsehood surrounding black cats. CLICK HERE. [Be sure to scroll all the way down].

To meet Johnny, please send email to and the foster parent will contact you.

Johnny Walker on Christine's lap for Black Cat Gala photoshoot


  1. What a fabulous picture!

  2. Christine! Thank you for your collaboration for the cat network! and helping to show people that black cats are elegant and very lovable!