Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stray Cats Need #FoodShelterLove

Johnny Walker a few months after rescue at healthy weight, luxurious coat

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Johnny Walker is an all black cat that was dumped in our neighborhood. It was apparent that he was an indoor cat. This cat walked up to me and exclaimed "I don't belong here! I'm an indoor cat that lived in the Penthouse and this lifestyle if not for me and these other cats don't welcome me. I'm hungry and tired...!" No kidding! (Working with both indoor and outdoor cats you learn to speak cat. The same goes for devoted cat parents).  Johnny Walker clearly was missing and craving for #FoodShelterLove.

Johnny Walker the first night he was rescued--scratched, emaciated, discolored

 Johnny Walker was emaciated, scratches visible on his face, and his fur was lackluster, partly brown and black no doubt from malnutrition.  So we knew proper nutrition was the priority to reach optimal health and increase his chances for adoption. Regardless that our rescue cats are sheltered in the home of a volunteer, all cats, especially stray cats, need the best cat food and nutrition.

Johnny Walker falling asleep on his first night indoors after being dumped and abandoned

A big contributor to improving the odds of shelter cats getting adopted is Hill's Food, Shelter, Love Program, which offers shelters the opportunity to offer quality nutrition to their resident cats and kittens.

Whether a cat is underweight, overweight, or malnourished, proper cat nutrition can not only improve these deficiencies but also improve a cat's mood. An excellent choice is Hill's Perfect Weight Formula for your cat and shelter cats. During the Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight Challenge, over 70% of cats lost weight when fed this balanced nutrition for ten weeks. Healthy weight and increased energy helps cats live longer, happier lives.

One great success story is that of Stoli who was a plus size kitty and lost 2.5 pounds. That's 25 pounds for you and me!

If you'd like to try Hill's Perfect Weight formula, you can buy both the canned and dry food here, and your purchase helps support the Food, Shelter, & Love program, which is dedicated to cat nutrition and helping shelter kitties find forever homes! A win-win for your cat and shelter cats!

If you have a Hill's success cat weight loss or cat mood-improving story, please feel free to share it with us by commenting below or sending us an email to and we'll share it with our readers and followers!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

THANK YOU for the nomination!

Receiving good news is always welcoming in a world of routine and where bad news often outweighs the good.  But recently I was contacted for being selected as a nominee for a social media award for my work in raising awareness and funding for a very special cat--Rogér, the Miami Le Chat Noir.  

Christine holds Johnny Walker, black spokescat for Riverfront Cats

We often hear from actors the honor of just being nominated. Well it's true.  I am beyond ecstatic. My fellow nominees are outstanding bloggers and organizations that are making a difference in reversing the trend of homeless pets. While I have no expectations of winning, my excitement is through the roof. This nomination is the moral support that fuels our motivation when facing numerous challenges. In the world of homeless pets we face many obstacles--limited funding, closed minds, low awareness, etc.. The nomination means that you noticed, and you care! It's everyday folks like you that nominated us, that lights the dark tunnel. It keep us going!

 I've said it many times and I don't apologize for repeating it again. This is the hardest work I have ever done--shedding lots of sweat and sometimes tears (thankfully I haven't lost any blood--I know how to handle feral cats!) with no pay, but it has been the most rewarding experience of my life!

In Miami Dade County a dent is made in the past two years by small nonprofits such as ours (Pawsitively Humane,Inc/ Riverfront Cats) in cooperation with the Miami Dade Animal Services and other nonprofit organizations. Teamwork, synergy is powerful!

There is much more work to do. But we desperately need VOLUNTEERS!  Whether you can temporarily foster a dog or cat, or have a flair for social media, or work a fundraising event, we need you!  It's not a huge time commitment. 

Yes, I will be attending the BlogPaws conference and award ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee this May. The awards ceremony is live stream.  Follow us on social media for details.
Twitter: @RiverfrontCats
Instagram: @riverfrontcats

"Every woman needs a little black cat" ~  quote by Christine Michaels

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