Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rogér is Ready to be Your Valentine!

Ladies, Cat lovers, BLACK cat lovers...we have wonderful news about Rogér, the Miami Le Chat Noir.

After unsurmountable odds, Rogér, the injured black cat with dislocated jaw and slashed throat has made a nine- lives come back. He overcame his initial physical injuries only to go into shock and become diabetic. Frail, weak, it was touch and go. But with regular TLC and vet care and monitoring, Rogér has fought his way back and shockingly warmed up to humans, the first time in his cat life.

"What? I can really have a real home? Indoors?"

Rogér's weight is now up to a healthy 12 pounds! Each glucose test is better than the last and he is gaining confidence and now expects individual attention and TLC. He would make a great companion for someone who enjoys comforts of home and quality time with pets.  While he does well with other cats, Rogér will need to continue his special diet. He should do well in a friendly dog household too. 

"Everyday would be Valentine's Day if you choose me"

Rogér grew accustomed to the attention at the vet, along with the poking and prodding. A no fuss cat! So smart he recognized he would be rewarded with adulation after all the testing and needles. He continues to amaze us.

Make this your special Valentine story, and that for Rogér.  That bond and unconditional love that only exists between human and pet.

If you are in the SOUTH FLORIDA area, interested in meeting Roger, please contact Karen Payne at 305-205-4646 or via email at Karen Payne



  1. Such a touching story - we pray Rogér finds a loving furever home.

    .ʌ„„„ʌ”˜˜‟ ╮
    Happy Meowy-tine’s Day from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  2. We purr that Roger finds his purrfect home!

  3. Hi, is Roger still with you, in your adoption area, Roger is featured there but it is dated 2012, this info say February 2015, is Roger still awaiting adoption and has he been with you since 2012?

  4. So happy he’s doing well. I hope he gets his forever home.