Tuesday, August 12, 2014

‎Daffney is the latest Miami Riverfront rescue Calico kitten!

She's a calico as seen by her soft tri colors of white, caramel and gray.

At 10 weeks young, Daffney is a dynamo and loves to play chase, hide-and-go-seek but she's also a lover and will meow to pick her up, pet her, feed her, pay attention to her... best of all she rubs her chin and whiskers against your chin and face. This is called "marking". That means she's claiming you as hers!  ‎She also gives lick kisses! Daffney runs,jumps, and snuggles with you in bed. She may lay across your chest like a fur collar or nestle in between your shoulder and chest. Oh yes. She'll look at you and raise her chin to signal she wants you to scratch her.   Communication and Love. The recipe for purrfect relationship.

Daffney would love to have another kitten playmate. She's good with cat friendly dogs too!

She is healthy, had both rounds of vaccinations and rested negative for FIV and FeLV.‎ We will provide certificate to get her spayed. All vet records will be provided.  

To meet Daffney please contact us at 305 771-3163 or email us at