Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shop Away to Help Homeless Pets

Retailers, shoppers & shelters UNITE to help homeless pets 

No more feeling guilty or powerless from reading the countless stories about sick or injured kitties: Sophie, a two pound kitten,  who's leg was amputated; Lion King who was starving to death because he could not eat food due to infected tooth and gums. Kittens and cats trapped inside a crumbling building, spaying/neutering a colony of harmless cats....The vet bills add up fast! Most of us are on a budget and have demanding schedules. So then you wonder, "How can I possibly help homeless pets?" Well just by shopping online at your favorite retailers, a percentage automatically goes to Riverfront Cats you can make a difference! It's that easy! Read on!!!

AMAZON --America's favorite online retailer

Amazon is the largest online retailer for everything from electronics, to home furnishings, to kitchen utensils to beauty and fashion must haves to pet food and supplies. Anytime you shop on Amazon for ANYTHING YOU NEED, by clicking on our Amazon link to the right and making that purchase, Riverfront Cats automatically receives a small percentage of your purchase every time!

If you shop at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, iTunes, Petco, PetSmart,, Zazzle and hundreds of other online retailers. you can help. Visit AdoptaShelter and start shopping away and a small portion of your purchase is sent to Riverfront Cats. It's that simple!

Step 1: Click on the link above or here. You will be automatically taken to Adopt-a-Shelter page for Riverfront Cats.
Step 2: Shop away!


For your first time purchase only on Mr. Chewy, they will donate $20 to Riverfront Cats! Chewy offers convenience!  If you're like us and visited your local pet food store only to find that they were out of one item, who has time to drive around town? Order everything online and get FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50.  But you have to click on the banner ad to the right. Please share this with other pet owners!


No matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet, vitamins and medicines and prevention applications are important for a  healthy pet.  Whether you give your pet daily vitamins, or specific medicine for health condition or need to resupply flea/tick solution, by clicking on PetCareRx* banner to the right or below and ordering from the site, Riverfront Cats will automatically receive a small percentage for every order! They also offer free shipping on orders over $49.

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*PetCareRx is proud to have Riverfront Cats as a participant in the PetCareRx Affiliate Program. PetCareRx makes no endorsement, express or implied of our activities.  Thank you for shopping with an PetCareRx Affiliate


  1. Shopping is fun and helping others is even more fun!

  2. Dear Christine, Whoopie and the kitties -
    Thank you SO much for visiting our blog and leaving us such fun comments! You've make us smile really big today. ...we definitely needed it after that stressful debate.

    back to napping,
    Katie & Glogirly

  3. Hi Christine, we so appreciate you visiting our blog and making such lovely comments about our campaign :)

    You need a nap
    I need a lap!

    Love Austin xx

  4. I knew about Mr. Chewy, but I didn't know you could help even more (besides donations), I've shared this link on FB, I hope it helps with everyone doing their holiday shopping.