Friday, October 26, 2012

Winner of the Tiffany necklace

We have our very first winner of the Rags to Riches contest.  This was a contest giveaway for the Tiffany pendant and necklace as we celebrated the adoption of Tiffany, an all black cat.


RAINE DAWSON of Baldwinsville,NY

When contacting Raine about her win, she shared: 
I am a proud 'crazy cat girl', I have 5 cats I've rescued and raised from birth, 2 have handicaps but live great lives and my 3 boys are 20-25lbs! I'm 38 and have had a blessed life that has been full of animals since childhood.
Below is a photo of her cat Barker, a big, fluffy, and much loved cat. 

Everyone please join me in congratulating Raine!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Figaro & Luciano for Adoption

Figaro and Luciano

UPDATE: These kittens were adopted in December 2012

Well it's time for cute and adorable Riverfront kitten adoptions. We have two handsome, healthy TUXEDO male kittens--talk about double trouble--for adoption.

Figaro and Luciano were found up the Miami River along with two other female siblings. One was already adopted in less than 24 hours!

Climbing onto the dishwasher--no, no!

Luciano (pronounced Lu-chee-ano with Italian accent) and Figaro are 10 weeks old, active, playful kittens. They love to be boys and climb, and wrestle and play good guy vs. bad guy --one chasing the other. Luciano (named after mafia boss Lucky Luciano) is quite clever and will quietly race up a recyclable shopping bag hanging from drawer handle, climb it with his nails and land on countertop in search of loot--food! His brother Figaro is equally clever but when he wants to rest, Figaro is a love bug and enjoys to snuggle near you, on your lap, chest, face...

We had fun naming them based on personality but you're welcome to rename them of course! Some suggestions : Carlo and Gambino (Carlo Gambino is another mob boss), Rocco, Capone...

Both Luciano and Figaro had blood tests (all negative), physical exam, and  received 4 vaccinations.They will need to be neutered in two months. (We will take care of that for you at no additional cost).

They are healthy and ready to bring the action to your home!

Adoption fee is $55 per kitten or take both for the same fee. They love to play together, entertain each other, and keep each other company while you're out of the home. Two is always better than one.

To meet Luciano and Figaro contact

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christine Celebrates National Feral Cat Day

It's my favorite day of the year! Along with my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, NATIONAL FERAL CAT Day is my day! Because I'm not just a cat lady. I AM A FERAL CAT LADY--and proud of it!

In celebration I dressed up in my CAT LADY costume to feed the Riverfront Cats at Station 1. Honestly the original intent  was for a video contest to win cat food but then I thought--why not share my cat lady moments with all of you!  Of course I knew the awkward looks and glances that would dart my way. But alas when I got on the elevator it was all men and they were quite intrigued and talkative! Imagine that! Suddenly they were interested in my work in feeding cats. Hmm this gives me an idea for fundraising...

So in celebration of Feral Cats, I share these photos to share, laugh, and celebrate feral cats!
Now do these look like photos of a crazy cat lady?Wait don't answer that!

Christine does slow motion cat walk

Lion King is a feral cat
He rubs against my legs in
celebration of dinner!

Christine feeds Lion King and Leroy Chaz

"Say Tuna and CHEESE!"

"Oh my cat goddess! I'm missing a tail!"
I must be a stray cat

The video below was taken during feeding time at this feeding station.
Leroy Chaz is the black cat and would rather be petted than eat.
Meanwhile Lion King starts eating his food.

Leroy Chaz is also the sister of Tiffany who was adopted. Don't they look alike?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Name this gangster kitten

Time to turn on those creative juices and help us name the newest kitten!

There are many factors that influence a cat's adoption: their temperament, personality, photos, their story and their name.

While there are many cute names, selecting the right name can make a difference on who adopts the kitten and how fast they are adopted
I once named two brothers Stoli (tabby) and Smirnov. The latter was a grey blue kitten that  literally looked like he came straight from Russia--well groomed, stern but handsome face and highly intelligent.  They were adopted within a couple of weeks. Was it luck? Perhaps part luck but a little marketing goes a long way.

Last week we rescued two tuxedo kittens further up the river. So as we observe their behavior, habits and personality, we brainstorm for fitting names.  The one on the left was easy--Figaro.  He's playful, curious, active and acts timid sometimes compared to his brother. Would you agree on the name?

Figaro (named after opera comic)

 Now the brother on the right, I first named Zorro. He took charge and appeared the dominant one, protecting his damsel sister (Chanel) and slightly timid brother. But upon further observation, Zorro is quite gangster, especially when it comes to feeding time.  The second I place their bowls of food they all run to the first place and immediately Zorro lashes out, clawing his brother and sister. So I knew he had to be renamed.

Capone or Gambino? or other name?

I first thought of Capone. Then upon researching famous gangsters for further inspiration I came across the most interesting website and online debate about the top ranked successful mafia bosses.  Al Capone was listed number one. Understandably he is the most recognized name. But then commentators argue it was Anthony Accardo since he ran his business for over 50 years (longer than Capone) and never spent a day in jail. Others argue Accardo was a pupil of Capone and learned from Capone's mistake. But for my purposes, Anthony is a name for a human and most people don't know the name Accardo. Next!

Number 2 on the "Top 20 Most Successful Gangsters" is Lucky Luciano. Hmm now we're onto something.

In the 1930s Luciano wiped out the old, traditional Sicilian mafia and began a national, American crime syndicate made up of hundreds of ethnic gangs. Under his guidance, the mafia began to operate much like an international business and his acumen and organization are largely credited for allowing the mafia to rule over the American crime for half a century.

One commentator added that Luciano started the five most feared crime families in America and should be listed as number one.

Yet others say Carlo Gambino (now there's a catchy name to the ear--Gambino) is the original Godfather.
and was "low key and classy" and wanted others to be in the limelight.

It's all subjective in my opinion, depending what your criteria is for "successful gangster". Is it amount of money or violence? Or both?

I bet you didn't expect to learn a little mafia history on a cat website!

Getting back to the matter at hand, what name do you think is the best name for kitty number 2? Capone? Luciano? (then he'll be nicknamed Lucy--won't work) Lucky? (no! too common) or Gambino?
NOTE: We just discovered he hates dogs and is terrified but he fights back with a vengeance.

Click on "comment" below and share your suggestions!

And yes--these kittens are ready for adoption!
9 weeks old
Bloodtested negative for feline Aids and Leukemia
4 in 1 vaccine shot

Adoption fee is $55 or get both kittens for the fee of one!Send us an email at to meet Figaro and ______.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Rags to Riches is here!

Rags to Riches Contest

Celebrating victories in pet welfare


Some time ago we announced the Rags to Riches concept. The world and work of pet rescue and care is a heavy cross to bear and the emotional and physical anguish far outweigh the victories. Yet the volunteers, with a genuine love for these innocent creatures, continue giving of themselves without regret, without hesitation.

When a pet survives an accident, or when a difficult-to-place pet is finally adopted, we are overcome with joy.  We felt it was just as important to celebrate these few victories for a couple of reasons. First, to further raise awareness of the gravity of the plight of homeless pets and how each of us can help reverse the trend. Also, to motivate and uplift those handful of soldiers who through their sweat, blood and tears made it all possible to give life to a pet that was unwanted. We all  need a ray of sunshine to keep going.

So when we have a victory, thanks to your donations or for adopting a pet, we want to give back.   Thanks to donations of individuals or companies, Riverfront Cats/Pawsitively Humane will give back to you with wonderful gifts both small and large.  If you would like to make a gift donation for this contest, feel free to reach us at (for cat related)  or (for dog only issues or dog and cat stories).

So let the celebration begin! And now we have our first contest!  It's a big one. See the next posting...

Rags to Riches - Tiffany

Rags to Riches Contest

Celebrating Tiffany's Adoption

 with a Tiffany Necklace Giveaway

For the inaugural contest of Rags to Riches we are celebrating big and in style!  In celebration of our first black cat, Tiffany, getting adopted, we are giving away a Tiffany necklace! First, please take a moment to read Tiffany's story and then enter the contest and share with others!

Tiffany's Story

Tiffany is a stray, black cat and was over a year old when she was finally adopted.  Adult black cats are the most challenging pet adoptions.  So when Tiffany was finally adopted, her new mother was surprised to learn this fact about black cats and offered to donate this necklace to encourage other animal lovers to adopt black cats and dogs. Yvonne, her mother was captivated by her exotic look--the stunning eyes and silky black coat.  

Tiffany was an outdoor, friendly cat.  We took in Tiffany to save her from electrocution. You see her mother and then brother found shelter and warmth in the transformer room at the neighboring Florida Power & Light yard during cold winter nights. We assumed she would be happier in a home with no extreme heat and humidity, less ants and regular food.  However, Tiffany, already a year old, did not appear any happier living indoors especially in a condo.  You see sometimes bringing an outdoor cat inside, you take away their freedom to run freely, climb trees, chase away birds. In observing Tiffany there was a trace of sadness in her eyes and body language.  Overall she was better off but on the 40th floor there were no birds this high to watch, no trees to climb, no room to run carefree with her energy. She missed playing with her brother. Chaz Leroy still remains outside, the spitting image of his sister.

RAGS: Tiffany BEFORE photo  when living outside

RICHES: Tiffany AFTER photo  living indoors

Thankfully a kind person in Baltimore, MD took an interest in Tiffany. Yvonne had just taken in another cat that was abandoned in the neighborhood (the cat had a microchip; the listed phone number was disconnected). This was Yvonne's first cat. She never took in a stray cat and called us for guidance. This "Tasmanian devil with high energy" was anointed Taz. Once Taz was comfortably living in his new home, it was apparent that Taz needed a playmate. Checking in with Yvonne and Taz's progress, I mentioned our latest rescue, Tiffany, a black cat.   In learning about her story and looking at her photos on this website, Yvonne immediately connected with this black kitty. She was not afraid of black cats or have any averse or delayed reaction! So when I explained that adult black cats are the least adopted, the decision was made. Tiffany would have a permanent home immediately. Arrangements were made to transport Tiffany to Baltimore, Maryland. 

After her first airplane ride, Tiffany quickly adjusted and is thoroughly enjoying her new two story home, with plenty of room to zip and run up and down the stairs (often chased by her suitor Taz) and climbing a three-tier cat condo. Yvonne placed it in her living room next to the largest window where Taz and Tiffany gaze at the birds and squirrels.  Thankfully Tiffany is back to her happy self.

Tiffany top right, Taz left at their home in Baltimore, MD
Tiffany looking out the window

For those of you who follow this blog, you'll recall that Tiffany was the winner of the nationwide Best Black Cat photo contest sponsored by Best Friend Animal Society in 2009.  You see stray cats make the best pets and companions.  We love happy endings and that is why we are celebrating!

We have other black cats for adoption as well. Please visit this link to view our special, adoptable cats.
And now for the contest!


The contest is open to anyone in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and the European Union.

To win the necklace, leave a comment on any posting on this blog. You are permitted up to 5 comments (but each comment must be on a separate post) and will receive one entry per comment.  Be sure to include your email address in the comment so we know how to reach you!

Like us on Facebook: (one entry).

Contest ends at 11pm EST October 12, 2012 and will be announced the following week. 

Good luck!