Monday, June 4, 2012

Cats/Kittens Waiting for a Home

At this time we have several young adult and older cats for adoption plus two tuxedo kittens. There is a distinct advantage in adopting an adult cat. 

First you know the history of their health.  Second, adopting an adult cats gives you the advantage of knowing the disposition of a cat. Maybe you want an entertainer with endless antics. Or a cat who loves belly rubs and to cuddle. Or perhaps a dainty, Miss Manners kitty who never jumps on counters or scratches your furniture.

And remember, cats come in all shapes, colors, sizes and attitudes--just like dogs!
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 ADOPTED. Hello, I am LUNA – I wear the colors of the moon, and how could you not love my little cream-colored chin? The vet’s office said I’m a “blue-cream dilute tortoiseshell” – sounds amazing, right? I think so! Not only that, but I’m a ball of energy, friendliness, playfulness, purring-ness, and LOVE!

I am only eight weeks old and I'm ready for my forever home! I am up-to-date on my shots, micro-chipped, and was de-fleaed and de-wormed and tested (negative) for FIV/FeLk. My foster mom will take care of my spaying, too, as soon as I'm big enough. All you have to do is provide me with a loving, safe, forever home! If you would like to meet me, please contact my foster mom Christina at or call 786-573-1580 or call/text 305-338-4534. Thank you and I can't wait to meet you!

ADOPTED .This is Slate, he is a "ham" they say, sweet & affectionate, about 3 yrs old now. This handsome boy is being returned to the shelter after 2 years because family has no time for him and one member has health issues. This kitty was adopted by a couple with two older (teenage) kids. He now needs a new home. If any of our fans or readers are interested in adopting Slate please contact us at

Ninji is a 9 month old black kitten with satin sheen. He does acrobatics, snuggles, is not shy of visitors & TALKS- no kidding! He has all his shots, neutered, and he’s waiting for you!

Receive an adoption gift basket including a pet carrier, a guide book, toys, food bowls, story book and a bottle of wine!

If you are interested in ADOPTING Ninji please email us at or call us at 305-771-3163

This is Daisy, She has a pink noise, pink ears and pink paws.  She is very sweet and has lots of love to give. She lives with her three bothers right now. She was rescued from the outdoors along with her three brothers after her mommy died.

She has all her shots and she is also spayed and is ready for a new home.
If you are interested in Daisy or any of her siblings, contact Dennis Nadeau at


This is Tiger (one of Daisy's brothers). He will play and entertain you for hours just so you know. He is good with kids and grown-up people and of course, other cats. 

He is neutered and has all his shots.  If you are interested in Tiger or any of his siblings, contact Dennis Nadeau at


This is Chrome (Daisy and Tiger's brother), like the metal. He is not shy and he loves to play and get his head rubbed. He has always watched over by his sister Daisy since they were kittens. He likes the company of other cats and needs a good forever home.

He is neutered and has all his shots.  If you are interested in Chrome or any of his siblings, contact Dennis Nadeau at


ADOPTED. This is Eddie, named after the character “Eddie Munster” from the TV series “The Munsters”. He loves to sit on people's laps and get his head and body rubbed. He is a real purring machine and loves to entertain everyone because he is charming and adorable. Also he likes the company of other cats.

He is neutered and has all his shots.  If you are interested in Eddie or any of his siblings, contact Dennis Nadeau at

Fritz is a brave angel who survived poisoning by anti-freeze. Thankfully he's healthy with minor loss of vision. He acts like nothing happened. Click here to learn more!

Millie & Tillie, 2 year old bonded sisters. To learn more click here.

Figaro and Luciano are healthy, active 12- week old tuxedo kittens.
To learn more click here!Adopted December 26, 2012

Peter Peter is our featured cat.  He's one year old now which means he's not a kitten but not quite an adult. Peter is happy-go-lucky despite family hardships and gets along with other cats. (that's what Peter looked like as younger cat). Peter was adopted Sunday, September 30, 2012!!

Katy Purry is everything you expect her to be--cute, playful, entertaining, fiercely intelligent and this Katy will be YOUR number one fan as she follows you around like love-sick puppy. 


Recently, a disabled veteran, Beverly, passed away in Orlando, FL. She leaves six cats that are all affectionate and love attention. 
Click here to learn more

Sweetie & Berrie just lost their mother to ovarian cancer. These are her all- black, declawed cats that are in an empty home without their mother, without furniture. Soon they will be without home. Adopted November 2012


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