Friday, October 5, 2012

Rags to Riches is here!

Rags to Riches Contest

Celebrating victories in pet welfare


Some time ago we announced the Rags to Riches concept. The world and work of pet rescue and care is a heavy cross to bear and the emotional and physical anguish far outweigh the victories. Yet the volunteers, with a genuine love for these innocent creatures, continue giving of themselves without regret, without hesitation.

When a pet survives an accident, or when a difficult-to-place pet is finally adopted, we are overcome with joy.  We felt it was just as important to celebrate these few victories for a couple of reasons. First, to further raise awareness of the gravity of the plight of homeless pets and how each of us can help reverse the trend. Also, to motivate and uplift those handful of soldiers who through their sweat, blood and tears made it all possible to give life to a pet that was unwanted. We all  need a ray of sunshine to keep going.

So when we have a victory, thanks to your donations or for adopting a pet, we want to give back.   Thanks to donations of individuals or companies, Riverfront Cats/Pawsitively Humane will give back to you with wonderful gifts both small and large.  If you would like to make a gift donation for this contest, feel free to reach us at (for cat related)  or (for dog only issues or dog and cat stories).

So let the celebration begin! And now we have our first contest!  It's a big one. See the next posting...

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  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Its nice to meet you, and we are glad you like our new look. We think TNR programs are great, and it looks like you do wonderful work. We'll have to see about your new Rags to Riches Contest.