Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is Your Catmobile Well Stocked?

I don't need this car for car rescue, but sure could use it when I have to meet with unsavory cat haters.

I bet at one point in your life you came across a stray cat or kitten that you felt you wish you had cat food on hand to feed. Or received an email or call about an injured cat or found a stray in your neighborhood that didn't belong and perhaps was someone's lost pet? You want to help but lack all the rescue supplies.

Well, depending where you live, stray and feral cats are a constant fixture or sighting in some cities and/or neighborhoods. Especially in other countries. What should you carry? Excellent question!

I created this last minute, unstaged video to show you some supplies that I primarily carry at all times in my trunk. In the video, I have just returned from a lunch meeting. It's winter in Miami hence the long-sleeves and leather riding boots.  So even dressed in nice clothes, if I come across a cat that appears distressed or injured, I will stop to check on it. If it's an emergency, I am prepared to jump in and help any way I can. 

Other cat rescue supplies I carry but not shown in video

- small flashlight in my purse
- wet towelletes
- paper towels or napkins
- plastic trash bags
- paper bag to place flat inside trap (better than newspaper--some cats are allergic to ink print)
- old towels

Of course I'm thinking now of presentation. While I have an eye-catching cat suit, the sexy suit is my formal attire for interviews.   Besides I do not have a telephone booth to completely disrobe and change into this form fitting suit. I need something easy;  maybe a black cape with bright pink letters and cat ears? And then I could use a Catmobile!  Oh yes,  a sleek, black catmobile. I envision a Mercedes SUV with cat ears and tail. Yes an SUV. Time to upgrade from my Hyundai Sonata.  It's Miami--all part of the branding that attractive people do care and want to help.

Now this model is not a bad start. Too long and batmanish for me.
Instead of the claws up front, I would prefer eyelashes.

Aah the original catmobile from 1970s batman series.

Now this cat girl has the right idea! Sleek, curvy, modern design, eyecatching.

So am I serious? Of course I am! It's all about attention. Not for me--but  for the cats! The goal is to draw interest from any pedestrians, residents and the media and to educate them ABOUT COMMUNITY CATS.

 What other items do you carry or suggest I carry? I'd love to your answers or ideas!