Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sobe, the South Beach kitten

"Don't let my mean supermodel look scare you. I'm really friendly"

Sobe is named after her home city--South Beach. She was literally plucked from a street curb underneath a car on a busy tourist street in the heart of the Art Deco district.

 Sobe is about 10 weeks old and very tiny.  She gets along with other cats, dogs, and is not shy of strangers.   She's quickly becoming a celeb!

Sobe sleeps on edge of pet bed to gain Jean Pierre's trust

"I like to snuggle with other kitties"

She loves to play with her foster sister, Daffney, who is 4 weeks older.  It's always better to adopt two cats or kittens than one so they have a playmate for exercise, companionship, comfort, etc. Indoor cats need stimulation and exercise just like any other pet and human for quality of life and better health.

Sobe is vaccinated and tested negative for FIV and FeLV.  All vet records are available and yours to keep upon adoption.  The fee is $75. Or adopt both Daffney and Sobe for one adoption fee! Plus you'll also receive a Modkat WHITE litter box.  It's a sleek and stylish litter box for the modern home and prevents litter tracking!

To meet Sobe, please contact or call us at 305-771-3163.
To learn more about Daffney, click here. 

Please leave a message as we're often in the field.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

‎Daffney is the latest Miami Riverfront rescue Calico kitten!

She's a calico as seen by her soft tri colors of white, caramel and gray.

At 10 weeks young, Daffney is a dynamo and loves to play chase, hide-and-go-seek but she's also a lover and will meow to pick her up, pet her, feed her, pay attention to her... best of all she rubs her chin and whiskers against your chin and face. This is called "marking". That means she's claiming you as hers!  ‎She also gives lick kisses! Daffney runs,jumps, and snuggles with you in bed. She may lay across your chest like a fur collar or nestle in between your shoulder and chest. Oh yes. She'll look at you and raise her chin to signal she wants you to scratch her.   Communication and Love. The recipe for purrfect relationship.

Daffney would love to have another kitten playmate. She's good with cat friendly dogs too!

She is healthy, had both rounds of vaccinations and rested negative for FIV and FeLV.‎ We will provide certificate to get her spayed. All vet records will be provided.  

To meet Daffney please contact us at 305 771-3163 or email us at

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Macy's Shop for a Cause to help Homeless Cats

Macy’s and Riverfront Cats invite customers to participate in Macy’s ninth annual national “Shop For A Cause charity shopping event on August 23, 2014. Macy’s “Shop For A Cause” is a unique one-day-only shopping event created to support local charities’ fundraising efforts, and has helped raise more than $44 million for charities across the country since 2006. Customers can participate in this year’s event by purchasing shopping passes from Riverfront Cats now


On Saturday, August 23th, customers making a purchase with a “Shop For A Cause” SAVINGS PASS will receive 25% off regular, sale and clearance merchandise, as well as 10% off watches, furniture, mattresses and area rugs, plus are eligible to win a $500 gift card.

Shopping passes are sold for only $5.45 each ($5.00 for pass and $0.45 for postage), and will benefit Riverfront Cats. Our organization will receive 100% of every ticket sold. By purchasing a shopping pass customers can support Riverfront Cats while enjoying a day of spectacular discounts, entertainment, special events. (See shopping pass for discount exclusions and restrictions. No purchase is necessary to participate in sweepstakes. Official sweepstakes rules including alternate means of entry are available at any Macy’s location.)

Macy’s has provided Riverfront Cats with shopping passes to sell for $5.45 each. As mentioned above we will benefit 100% from the sales of the passes. The more shopping passes sold, the more money Riverfront Cats will raise!.

Miami homeless cats need us, we have been saving homeless cats for four years. By providing food, medical care and attention to our community cats we encourage and educate others in the area to to do the same every time they find a homeless cat or  kitten. We fully depend on donations to be able to do this amazing job. By purchasing a shopping pass from Riverfront Cats, you will not be helping us, you will be helping to save Miami homeless cats.

For more information about Macy’s “Shop For A Cause,” visit To purchase a shopping pass from Riverfront Cats click on the "Shop For a Cause" button on the top right hand column.

Don't need a Macy's shopping pass? Feel free to donate any amount to help homeless cats!

Thank you for caring.
Thank you for making a difference!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Results are In for Supermodel Cat on #HillsPet Weight Loss!

Johnny Walker BEFORE the #HillsPet weight loss for cats

Johnny Walker is loving life! Yes this black spokescat has shed some portly weight on the #HillsPet Weight Loss program. While not a svelte model, we are ecstatic that this supermodel cat is more energetic, playful, and gregarious. Time to renew his contract! Oh gosh, we anticipate (excuse the pun)  "heavy" negotiations.

Johnny Walker began this journey three months ago on the Hill's® Prescription Diet® Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution and has lost an entire pound. That's equivalent to 10 pounds for a human--tremendous results!  Ideally we were aiming for two pounds per the vet's recommendation, but we discovered in the middle of the night that JW was gaining access to other dry cat food in the pantry thanks to his partner-in-crime, tabby sibling Curious Jorge, who knows how to open doors and all five siblings were nosediving into the other bags of cat food.

Johnny Walker on #HillsPet Weight Loss
Johnny Walker loves the food!  We make feeding time part of his exercise. How you ask?  Johnny Walker is fed in a "special cardonned area" (supermodel cats must be treated like VIPs at all times even though it's only the bathroom counters) elevated and away from the common cats. Calling his name signals meal time that he automatically awakens from a slumber nap and races off to one designated feeding area.  I purposefully turn away in the direction of the second bathroom (I mean feeding place), and he jumps down, and races like the dickens to the other counter top. I look at him straight in the eye and say "Good warmup! Now let's see if you can run a third round?".  We are up to six laps! That in itself is proof of his increased stamina.

Here's a video of lap seven. He's hesitating and not running in beeline to countertop but once he hears the cup of food, JW jumps for joy!

As evidenced in the video below, Johnny Walker's three-tiered Swarovksi diamond and velvet collar is noticeably loose!  Oh boy--time to reorder another custom-sized collar!  (Supermodels are high maintenance--including cats).  But pet health is most important above all and cat weight loss reduces risks for a host of health problems associated with cat obesity.

For this reason, we encourage all pet owners to check regularly their pet's weight. An overweight pet does not mean your purring feline is healthy. It means the complete opposite. Check with your vet what is the appropriate weight according to its breed, age and size. And start a healthy diet for your pet as well! We recommend trying  Hill's® Prescription Diet® Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for a good start on your pet healthy eating.

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Riverfront Cats only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this post.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Latest Riverfront Rescue Kitten! Please Help Name Her!

This six week old female calico kitten was recently dumped in our neighborhood. Christine just rescued her and we are trying to brainstorm a name just as beautiful as she is. We would love to read your suggestions in the comment section below. We will let everyone now which one we picked. Isn't she a darling?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Millie & Tillie--Love to Reach Out and Touch Your Hands and Heart!

Think of a precious heirloom passed from owner to owner; each move risks the fragile nature of its keepsake. This is the story of Millie and Tillie.
These beautiful, gentle, and well-behaved feline sisters have survived so much together. First, they were brought to a kill-shelter when they were just five weeks old and barely survived – thankfully, a local rescue found them a foster home just in time. They were adopted together as kittens, but sadly “returned" a year later. Millie and Tillie are back in foster care waiting for a loving home that will not give them up again.

Millie, a born leader

Millie is the larger and braver one and the leader. Tillie is a little shy, but once she builds trust, she will gently reach out with her paws to "grab" your attention. They both need and have so much love to give! They crave affection, so much so they will jump up to meet your hands when you pet them. You can expect head rubs, non-stop purring and gentle nibbles. If they are physically separated too long, they meow in search of the other.

Tillie the touchy feely kitty

These sisters have a very strong bond and need to be adopted together. Millie and Tillie are up-to-date on their shots, spayed, micro-chipped, and tested (negative) for FIV/FeLk. They just turned three years old this month. If you would like to meet this loving pair, please contact Christina at or call 786-573-1580 or call/text 305-338-4534.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Johnny Walker's Photo Journey on #HillsPet Cat Weight Loss

Who would have thought that a cat weight loss program would pose challenges as shared in our previous post.  To single out one cat in a multiple cat household for a specific program is NO walk in the cat park!  But how has it affected his other habits like eating, drinking, sleeping, playing? So we take you on Johnny Walker's photo cat weight loss photo journey to follow his progress and how it affects his activity level.  Enjoy!

Johnny Walker LOVES the new #HillsPet Metabolic Advanced Solution for Cats. He is protective of his food and is always on the lookout for cat food thieves (his siblings).

NOTE: We feed Johnny Walker on bathroom counter as a designated "special feeding area" for this special cat weight loss project. He did not have to be trained on this part of the program and picked up on it fast. Johnny Walker loves to eat more than any other cat.

Johnny Walker protects his food.

Keeping close eye out for food thieves

Never letting his guard down while eating

Let's check his drinking habits...

Johnny Walker approaches water bowl (yes a dog theme--we're bipetual family)

Johnny Walker hears something...
Johnny Walker drinks plenty of water--a healthy sign

And now let's check on his sleeping habit.

Awakened from a deep slumber...
Johnny Walker yawns--no hissing, no foul mood--all is good.
"What is the housekeeper bringing out?"
"That looks like fun..."
Our housekeeper moves into the living room where Johnny Walker is napping. To reach the chandeliers she brings out the ladder.  Johnny Walker is fascinated and drawn to it.

Johnny Walker climbs on Geisha's chair (right) and then onto the ladder.

Johnny Walker has a new favorite toy and activity--climbing!  Guess we'll have to purchase a cat tower...
Johnny Walker is the only cat in household to attempt this!

Housekeeper asks Johnny Walker if he wants to clean or supervise.

Johnny Walker is fearless on the ladder.
And the adventure ends as Johnny Walker goes to take a restful nap.

We observed greater agility and prowess in Johnny Walker's activity. Unsure if he has lost weight, we will soon find out. Regardless, he remains a happy, healthy cat and even more adventurous cat.

Always the supermodel
Stay tuned for the conclusion of Johnny Walker's cat weight loss program!

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Riverfront Cats only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this post.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Johnny Walker Cheats on Cat Weight Loss #HillsPet

Johnny Walker eating moist  Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for cats

OK admit it--how many of you have every cheated on a diet? How bad was it? Did you cheat by nibbling on forbidden snacks or did you jump ship entirely?  Well our black cat, Johnny Walker, has been caught cheating on his cat weight loss plan!

Johnny Walkers sees other cats eyeing his "special" food

Johnny Walker has a deep dark secret. But first a proper introduction before the scandalous reveal!

On a November evening I was feeding the Riverfront Cats.  We have a total of three black stray cats--Romeo, Mr. Bear and Midnight.  Then this unknown black cat literally walked up to me, looked up at me like a dog, a person, and talked to me, and started whining.  "I'm so hungry please, help me. I don't belong here. Someone dumped me here. I'm an indoor cat and these vagrants are attacking me. Please, please, please..." (When you work with cats extensively, one learns feline lexicon--I'm not kidding!).

Johnny Walker the first night he was rescued--his lackluster fur, scratches on his face 

The Riverfront cats did not welcome him as seen by visible signs of scratches on his nose and face. He allowed me to pet him and scoop him up and hold him in my arms and didn't struggle or scratch.  Clearly this was an indoor cat.

Considering he was the first all black cat in the household, that he greeted guests like a butler and was not shy of strangers and would sit still on my lap during videotaped interviews, we knew he was a keeper! Even better--Johnny Walker would be the SPOKESCAT for ALL BLACK CATS!

 A svelte Johnny Walker with lustrous black cat after several months in new home.
Also his first photoshoot. He's a natural !

So what is Johnny Walker's deep dark secret???
He inhaled!!!   Yes Johnny Walker, a celebrity black cat (or so we like to think) has inhaled marijuana.  Well not intentionally. Don't all politicians and celebs take drugs?  Perhaps so. Just when this was getting interesting.
Johnny Walker poses for Black cat gala photoshoot

As we posted photos on this blog and Facebook in rescuing Johnny Walker, one resident  who stopped by exclaimed--"That is Fred's cat! He dumped the cat outdoors!"  Fred was a single guy living in his father's penthouse condo.  He adopted Johnny Walker as a kitten (JW didn't have a name) and had to move out and decided he didn't want the responsibility of a pet.  Fred apparently spent many days and evenings smoking marijuana that the fumes filled the hallways like chimney smoke.

Johnny Walker was svelte and stunning and photogenic (and neutered).  He was a born supermodel. The other indoor cats did not welcome him into the fold and to this day treat him as the black sheep.  But Johnny Walker knows how to charm any person--family or guest to give him food. Or he will nibble on your leg to let you know he's hungry.

"I guess we're going to be here awhile..."
As time went by and Johnny Walker comfortably settled into his new home, food was his comfort solution--No surprise there. We wondered if the marijuana kept him slender.  No drugs in this household.  As he gradually gained weight, we knew this was setting a bad example.  It was time to take action. Johnny Walker started the new #HillsPet  Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for Cats in April. The vet indicated he is a large kitty and surprisingly only has to lose two pounds.  But two pounds on a cat is equivalent to 20 pounds for a human. The battle of the bulge begins.

Geisha tries Hill's Metabolic food, now Jean Pierre eats leftovers.
Jean Pierre could lose some belly fat (cat weight loss)

Johnny Walker did not hesitate to eat the new Hills Metabolic dry and moist food.  He actually prefers it to his old food. The other household cats were jealous and wanted to try it.  They loved it!  However we recently discovered that another resident cat has learned how to open doors and was Johnny Walker's go- to- cat for midnight pantry snacks. How much did he pilfer and for how long? Only the other cats know and they're not divulging. Cats pact.

So has this cat lost weight? In looking at Johnny Walker and his floppy belly initially we said "no", but based on how loose his diamond collar fits where it easily slides off without undoing the buckle, may be a sign that he is losing weight

"It's bowl-lickin' good"

 Jean Pierre licked bowl clean. He wants more Hill's Metabolic cat food!
Stay tuned for the continuation of Johnny Walker's cat weight loss challenge!

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Riverfront Cats only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Review of #BlogPaws 2014

Zeke is a therapy cat

I have just returned from BlogPaws 2014 conference in Lake Vegas, Nevada*. As always I'm buzzing with excitement and ideas.  The conference is a welcoming break and getaway to learn new social media trends, reconnect with online friends and cat bloggers, forge new friendships, and simply enjoy a change of scenery. It also recharges my batteries and motivation to fulfill big ideas.

BlogPaws is exactly what it says--a pet blogging conference. This was my third year in attendance but my first year as an award nominee for not one but two awards--Best Cause and Best Video. Many attendees recognized the name and follow my efforts as evidenced in their applause at the ceremony.  It is comforting and a motivational boost that my hard work, sweat and tears is paying off.  The support of fellow pet bloggers can only mean that each year more cats will be saved from abandonment in the streets, at the pound and from euthanasia.  The POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!

Herman at age 15 is a seasoned traveler

A highlight was the pets in attendance along with their human owners.  Since this is a cat blog, this review will focus more on the cat stuff, fluff, and furr.

We love our cats so much we blog about them, dote on them, worship them...what better way than with a portrait. Artist BzTat is a huge supporter of animal welfare and specializes in pet portraits both digital and painted that she raffled off 40 digital portraits at the conference! Visit her website to admire her work and contact Bz (aka Vicki) for a personalized contemporary art piece of your beloved furry family member.

Christine Michaels and BzTat at BlogPaws reception

Digital portrait of my eldest cat Jean Pierre by BzTat

Networking with key individuals in the industry is important in reaching my goal of  raising awareness for homeless, feral and black cats.  Pictured below is a dear person who truly loves her job and cares about animals--Olivia Melikhov, the social media manager for the ASPCA.

Olivia Melikhov (ASPCA) and Christine Michaels

The conference would not be possible without the sponsorship of major brands like Only Natural Pet, Hill's, Pet360, PetSafe, Natural Balance, and AAHA. I thank them all for their support to subsidize the majority of costs, which allows bloggers, many of whom do not make money from blogging, to attend, network, learn and advance animal welfare!

Petsmart Charities wearing red capes--very snazzy ladies!
(I wonder if they have superpowers like me? Where's my black cat suit?)
(No superpowers here but those cute photos would have me sign up!)

I was impressed that this year Hill's sponsored a number of events including a private luncheon to brainstorm ideas of how to increase adoptions of shelter cats which far outweigh that of dogs. I offered my "proven formula" for getting cats adopted within six months. Paws crossed Hill's can turn it  into blueprint for all shelters across the country!

Attendee proudly shows her frosted nose from devouring
 the yummy cupcakes sponsored by Hill's
Last year a small BLIND kitten named Odilia stole our hearts.   Coincidentally the kind woman who adopted her, was in attendance. When asked how was Odilia her reply "Oh she's a fearless beast!". We love happy ending stories and feed off it to keep moving forward.

Odilia at BlogPaws 2013

(Courtesy of Bernadette Kazmarski of

Odilia today (Courtesy of Amy Hanna)

I came across many pets including dogs and cats, ferrets, birds...but word circulated that the famous Waffles (from Glogirly's Katie & Waffles) was in the hotel!  You see I harbor a secret crush on this orange fluff ball.  Please don't tell Jean Pierre my original orange love,  aka "my husband". No one will replace my beloved Jean Pierre.  But something about a younger fireball...Could I be a cougar?

Calls, text messages ensued and I kept missing the elusive Waffles. Then as I set sail, or should a I say start "rowing" in a paddle boat I received a message that Waffles was making an appearance at the conference--of course now that I was in a bathing suit outdoors in middle of the lake. I hustled back to the beach, (got my workout--thanks Waffles!) and hastily donned my coverup and raced to the conference lobby.  And there he was--tucked away in his sporty orange stroller.

"I see people"

Marketing and Image is everything when you're a celebrity cat like Waffles
Waffles loves to poke his head out to catch the A/C breeze while strolling
"Oh no more Catarazzi. Better duck"
With all the paparazzi and attention, sadly I was not able to get a private interview and hug from Waffles.  But there will be a next time! I'm sure Waffles looks handsome in a cowboy hat (next year's conference is in Nashville, TN).

His Human slave, owner, Glogirly (Debbie Glovatsky) won two awards for Best Cat Blog and Best Design Blog. So well deserved! We love her blog and the sibling rivalry antics between Katie and Waffles.
Debbie Glovatsky (Glogirly) and Christine Michaels (Miami Cat Lady)

Another highlight is reconnecting in person with online/blogging friends. We connect year round online through blogosphere and social media-sphere--Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest...Below are leading cat bloggers in the country. JaneA Kelley (left) from Paws and Effect and Angie Bailey (right) from CatLadyland. These are pros who know how to write, engage and make a difference in educating about cats!You want to follow their blogs, learn and have a good laugh too!!!
JaneA Kelley, Christine Michaels and Angie Bailey

And finally I met the Queen of cat bloggers--Ms. Layla Morgan Wilde from Cat Wisdom 101! Layla is a holistic cat behaviorist and and has won numerous awards and accolades.  I'm so honored to meet and pose with her!  Following in these cat steps is no easy feat! And that's why I attend #BlogPaws--to learn from the best.

 New friendships were made and unfortunately I could not capture everyone's photo.

Pleasure to meet and follow:
Meg Hart
Linda Rodgers
Kimberley Koz
Robin Mudge

And great to see Ann Boyajian from the artistic and humorous

I'm looking forward to what the year will bring up leading up to next year's conference in Nashville, TN. Elvis and Dolly--look out! Here comes the Sexy Cat Lady from Miami--I'll need to get high heel cowgirl boots and a matching hat. What I do for these cats in the name of publicity...

*Note: While legal to do so, Christine elected to pay for all expenses out of her pocket and refused to use any nonprofit funds. The cats need it more for vet care.