Saturday, October 31, 2015

Winner of Stray & Feral Cat Fundraiser Prizepack

TNR TNRM spay neuter stray cats

WE DID IT!! No, wait. YOU DID IT!!!  You helped us and the cats reach our initial goal of raising $700 and even surpassed it. This is terrific news as we have started to trap the cats and discovered some are in bad shape.   Not to worry. The vet can clean them up while they are under anesthesia from spay/neuter surgery and give them shot of antibiotics if necessary.

stray cat community cat TNR spay neuter
Muki is not happy. He his not wanted around by other sterilized cats.
Don't worry Muki--we'll take care of you!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  These are outdoor stray and feral cats so the photos will not always be cute or glamorous shots.  This is reality. But we are making a difference!

And now to announce the winner of the prize pack full of cat goodies...


stray cats feral cats

Laura wins this prize pack containing Martha Steward food jar, feeding bowls, a water filter, Furminator, bubbles and two books by award-winning author Deb Barnes.  Enjoy Laura!

Thank you everyone for caring. It really takes a team effort. A little goes a long way.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Dine Like a Cat and #Prospurr

Humans can learn a lot from cats. It's true! There's a reason for the saying "cats have nine lives". That is because cats know how to savor every moment from napping, grooming or dining and live long lives. Whether they are leaping tall refrigerators, escaping the grips of big brother bully (aka the dog) or slaying the evil red dot, cats never weary and regain a new life.

The champion cat for living well  is none other than America's favorite cat--Morris! After a hiatus, Morris has returned to the celebrity spotlight. But he is ready for the rigors of stardom and readily shares his secrets in a video.  Watch Morris here  9Lives® presents Live Well  Prospurr, America's Choosiest Cat Gives Back™.

Our cats, both indoor and outdoor, are inspired by Morris.

Morris, Champion of Living Well

Jean Pierre is our eldest cat, an orange marmalade. As a rescue kitten, Jean Pierre now lives The Good Life as seen below basking in the sun beaming through the living room sliding door, overlooking the city of Miami from the 40th floor of high rise condo.

"I'm just an average cat living the good life."

His veterinarian is very pleased with his health for an "old man" or senior cat at age 14. Very interesting, notice how calm and relaxed he is at a veterinarian clinic!

"You don't see me stressed at the vet do you? Very relaxed. 9Lives I tell ya."

Our outdoor community cats have many distractions with birds, pedestrians passing by, construction equipment, sprinklers, hecklers...It's a circus out there.  Yet when it comes to meal time, these cats are not deterred. Humans could learn from this fine example. Turn off the cell phones, the television, while eating. Let's turn distracting dining into feline fine dining. Dine like a cat!  If outdoor cats can do it, so can you and your indoor cat.

Cosette fine dining 9Lives Prospurr

It's a jungle out there, literally, as Callie and Midnight eat their food while a racoon scampered by into the bushes.  Our lead volunteer keeps an eye on them so they are not disturbed.

Christine watching Cali and Midnight

We feed all our cats 9Lives® Daily Essentials Dry Cat food and Super Supper Meaty Pate Wet Cat Food. Yes we especially feed the community cats wet food. At Riverfront Cats we recognize the importance of wet food as part of any cat's eating regimen to aid in healthier digestion and hydration.  They love it! 

You can live well and prospurr by revisiting Morris' video and entering the contest for a chance to win fabulous prizes. And you can help us donate 9Lives® cat food by tweeting #morrisfeeds.  It's a win-win for all. So savor the flavors, live well and prospurr the Morris way!

Riverfront Cats was compensated for this post. We only share content for products that we use for the care of our cats or information we feel is important to our readers.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Feral & Stray Cat Fundraiser & Prize Giveaway!

Feral Cats stray cats contest giveaway
Sinbad, licking his lips after yummy dinner.
He may live outdoors but he's well taken care of by dedicated volunteers.

The most important day of the year is here- National FERAL Cat Day!!
(October 16, 2015).

In the past we had fun dressing in costume, and making hilarious music videos all in an effort to raise awareness about the most misunderstood cat--the community, feral cat.

 But this year it's a serious matter.  With kitten season over and the burgeoning of homeless cats, we uncovered other colonies.  In a recent challenge to rescue kittens from several old homes to be demolished to make way for shiny skyscrapers in the heart of downtown Miami, we discovered an established colony of cats.  Some quite old with injuries and illness, other cats were teenagers or younger.

stray kitten feral cats spay and neuter

At first we counted 10, then 20, 30..."Houston we have a problem in Miami".  It's time to get in the trenches and fight this battle.  Time to TNR and build new shelters!

But we need funding to spay/neuter 30+ cats and treat any cats for injuries and/or illness--mange, cuts, infections... We also ensure that during construction, the cats are safe and accounted for every evening at feeding time.  Construction sites are dangerous for kittens. We've encountered too many horrific accidents. But it's nearly impossible to relocate feral cats. It's best for them to stay in the neighborhood to minimize danger and injury.  We build shelters and place them nearby (if possible) so mama cats have a safe place to receive food for kittens when volunteers come around.

No cat should suffer, even community, stray and feral cats!

National Feral Cat Day tortie
Artemis thrives in the outdoors but she has mange.
It can be treated with your help.
She also needs to get spayed.

 So it's that time again to raise funds and we have not asked for monies since last year--that's a very long time!!! We need to raise at least $700.  For some human cat nip, we are giving away a Cat Prize Pack worth over $200!  For every donation, you will automatically be entered in our drawing to win this prize package for you and your cats!

Contest giveaway feral cats fundraiser nonprofit
Prize Pack (Cat not included)

Cat Prize Pack- Valued $220

Martha Stewart cat food jar and matching feeding bowls
Drinkwell water filter
Litter Scooper
Furminator for long hair cat
Book- The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
Book - Purr Prints of the Heart

One of several house scheduled for demolition

feral cat stray cat National Feral Cat Day
Christine feeds one of the colony cats in downtown Miami

Truck for wrecking crew

First house demolished

stray kitten feral cats TNR National Feral Cat Day
Rescued from empty home scheduled for demolition

rescue kittens National Feral Cat Day spay and neuter
Scared kittens, rescued from demolition

Christine pets Tabitha, a friendly stray.

No Amount is too SMALL! 

Calico cats feral cats National Feral Cat Day

Please use the widget on right column or click on DONATE NOW button.  Contest open to anyone on Planet Earth! Be sure to leave an email address to be entered into the drawing. Contest ends on Wednesday, Oct 28 at 11pm PST. Winner will be selected October 31. Winner will have 48 hours to confirm otherwise another winner will be selected. 

Thank you for caring! Thank you for making a difference for the most misunderstood cats!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Displaced Demoliton Kitties!

These beautiful black beauties are up for adoption are the newest rescue cats from downtown Miami.

All four kittens had an eye infection. However, they were rescued and treated and lucky to be alive where wrecking crews and demolished buildings are daily occurrence overtaken by construction cranes.

Two were adopted. And two are left.

Meet Lila and Lucky!

Lila is a petite 5 month old who is very shy but definitely will warm up to the right person with time, love and care.  She's quiet, curious, and loves being with her brother, Lucky.

Lucky is affectionate, curious, and very playful.  He's an absolute sweetheart. He would make an amazing pet. They both need someone that will give them lots of love and attention.

They have been tested and are up to date with all their shots.

If you can adopt them together since they are very attached to each other, that is ideal.  If not, they each deserving loving homes.
It's always best to adopt two together, especially if they were raised together. 

 If you are interested in providing a permanent loving home for Lila and Lucky, please send us an email to            

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Deliciously Sweet Kittens Need Homes!

Like a candy shop, where you don't know what to choose because everything looks delicious, here we have five sweet-as-candy, too-cute, eight-week-old baby kittens and mother cat  looking for loving homes with great people. All are healthy, tested, vetted and ready to go. They’re guaranteed to make you smile and maybe develop a sweet tooth!

Let's get to know more of each of them:


Tootsie is a little adventurer who adores people and is full of courage and purr-sonality. The only black kitty of the litter. How special is she?!

Kit Kat is a sweetheart who adores playing with shoelaces and being held.

Twix  is a doll who loves to chase feathers until nap-in-your-lap time.

Jelly Bean is the smallest little angel and she’s full of baby sweetness and joy.


Snickers is a darling mama’s boy who loves to play and get special pats.


   Melissa is a beautiful, petite brown tabby with white markings, huge gold eyes & a big heart.

We know you can't adopt just one, they are too cute! Make sure you pass the word so all the “Candy Kittens” can find moms and dads as sweet as they are

If you are interested in any of them, please contact foster moms Karen/Joan/Alyssa at 305-205-4646, 786-301-0795 and Also please share on Facebook, Twitter and email them to friends and contacts!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

National Black Cat Day!


Black cats
Today is a day to celebrate and embrace! At Riverfront Cats we adore the beautiful black cats. It’s unfortunate that these beauties are the hardest to find homes for. But trust us, they are sweet, loving, gentle and oh so gorgeous!

Many of you are aware of one of our favorite black kitties, Rogér, Miami Le Chat Noir. We pronounce his name the French way (  Ruh-jhere)  since he is so similar to the Le Chat Noir poster cat. Rogér was once an unlucky black cat who had his throat slashed and jaw injured. But he was determined to make it through and yes, he did! He's had his setbacks along the way of getting ready for adoption but now is the time for someone with a big heart to step up and welcome this wonderful boy into their home. ADOPT a black cat. Adopt Rogér!

 How can you look into those soulful eyes and not want to make him a part of your family? Rogér has progressed to the point of being ready to be a family member in the right home. It is preferable that his new family consist only of humans. Rogér requires daily insulin shots but he is such a pro at this; he takes his shots like a champ! He went into diabetic shock after a surgery but the insulin shots have that all under control. And when it’s time to go for his vet appointments he is 100% on board. He loves to visit the vet’s office. He believes he is there to get extra pets and love. Don’t you want to be the proud parent of a model vet patient? We are so thankful for his foster mom, Karen. She has dedicated endless hours and outpouring of personal funds to get Rogér where he is today. Because of caring people like yourself we have been able to gather donations to contribute to Rogér’s care over the past couple of years. Karen describes Rogér as the Velveteen Rabbit: it has taken quite a transformation for him to become the cat he is today.  Karen told us, 

it was patience and just offering to play until finally he started watching the toy (his favorite is the long string) in a different way. Then he tried to do something but he had only one move, which was to jump on the string with all four feet, like a frog. Splat! It was very funny and un-cat-like. Later on, he relaxed and began to play like cats play – stalk, pounce, jump, run, snag the string with a claw, take it in his mouth and carry it around. At last, a real cat was at play! Rogér loves to lap sit and likes to rub his head on my chin. He will put his paws around my arm and lie in my lap purring and embracing my arm while my other hand pets or brushes him. That’s his idea of paradise, I think.” 
And if you use social media--this cat is on his way to be FAMOUS! His resemblance to the poster is uncanny and his story is even more amazing!

black cats Le Chat Noir
Those sideway ears!
Let’s remember that there are many other kitties out there that need assistance. Your donations help with the most basic care such as spay and neuter, vaccinations and food. There is no donation that is too small. Even if the only way you can contribute is by forwarding this email to friends and family it will help greatly. Communication is an important component in helping us get care for the homeless cats out there.

Simply click on the DONATE button to the right.

Riverfront Cats has been keeping busy with the feral cat colonies in downtown Miami on SW 11th Street. These furbabies pictured here were rescued from several houses that were demolished. But now the daunting task of TNR of the colony of 20 cats begins. 


You may be asking yourself what options are available to help the Riverfront Cats. How about shopping?! We have an Amazon banner on our page and if you click on that it will take you directly to Amazon. Just shop as you normally would and when you purchase your items Riverfront Cats will receive a percentage from Amazon. Any little bit helps and we all shop on Amazon. Don’t forget the holidays are right around the corner! Riverfront Cats also has a wishlist on Amazon if you would like to make a purchase and send us items that way. Amazon will ship directly to us. 

To make a DONATION, simply click the DONATE button on the right column.  No amount is too small.

For queries to adopt Roger, please contact Karen at 305-205-4646 or email at 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jinx and Juju: Inseparable Siblings for Adoption


These sweet siblings are Jinx and Juju. She and her brother were separated from their mother at an incredible young age, which made Jinx develop a fear of abandonment. She is very kind, gentle and loving and loves to cuddle and getting pet.

Juju on the other hand, craves adventure. He’s a rambunctious, boastful, playful, little daredevil.  In the presence of his sister he appears to be fearless, but it’s just a facade.  At heart, being separated from his mother has made this kitten a softie, hopelessly dependent on his sister.  He’ll often lose track of her playing with his toy mice, then frantically look for her.  He won’t sleep unless he nestled up against his sister with a paw around her.

Given their situation, there is no place these kitties would rather be than in the embrace of someone that loves and cares for them.

If you're interested in adopting Jinx and Juju, please contact Marlin Fisher at

Monday, June 8, 2015

June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June is a very important month for organizations like ours that work together with the community in order to help find permanent homes for rescue cats. Why? Because June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. And you might wonder why June? Well, June is kitten season. It is the time of the year when cats give birth, flooding animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with homeless litters; 3.4 million cats end up in shelters each year. This situation makes it more difficult for shelters to find a permanent home for their rescue cats. Therefore our purpose is to bring awareness and encourage people to ADOPT a shelter cat instead of BUYING one from a pet shop.

A new survey of American adults shows that a majority of cat owners believe that cats are intelligent (77%) and independent (71%), which confirms what many of us already know – cats are smart animals that make excellent companions

Remember her?

Another good reason to adopt a cat is they make the best cuddlers, they are warm and fuzzy, perfectly suited for snuggling.

They are also skilled hunters that will help keep the bug population down in your home, as well as those hair-raising lizards, mice, moths, etc.

And finally, you will be saving a life. Each year 3 to 4 million of those shelter cats who end up not getting adopted are eventually euthanized. You could be single-handedly saving a life by adopting a shelter cat.

To bring even more attention to this matter, during this month ASCPA is joining forces with Animal Planet and Jackson Galaxy to host a social media contest celebrating shelter cats. By sharing your cutest or silliest cat photos using the hashtag #MyRescueCat and signing an adoption pledge, you will be entered for the chance to have your photo featured on the My Cat From Hell season finale June 13. You can enter the contest at

You can also be a part of the solution by helping your local shelter this June through the #Litter4kitties contest, where the ASPCA and will give away 10,000 pounds of Fresh Step cat litter to shelters, with one grand prize shelter receiving 5,000 lbs. and five runners-up receiving 1,000 lbs. each. Visit to nominate your local shelter.

Junio es el Mes Nacional de Adopción de Gatos de Refugios

Junio ​​es un mes muy importante para organizaciones como nosotros que trabajan en conjunto con la comunidad con el fin de ayudar a encontrar hogares permanentes para los gatos de rescate. ¿Por qué? Debido a que Junio es el Mes Nacional de Adopción de Gatos de Refugios. Y usted podría preguntarse por qué Junio? Bueno, Junio es temporada de gatitos. Es la época del año cuando los gatos dan a luz, inundando refugios de animales y grupos de rescate de todo el país, con camadas sin hogar ; 3,4 millones de gatos terminan en refugios cada año . Esta situación hace que sea más difícil para los refugios encontrar un hogar permanente para sus gatos rescatados. Por lo tanto nuestro objetivo es concienciar y animar a la gente a adoptar un gato de refugio en lugar de comprar uno en una tienda de mascotas.

Una nueva encuesta de adultos estadounidenses muestra que la mayoría de los dueños de gatos afirman que los gatos son inteligentes ( 77 % ) e independientes ( 71 % ), lo que confirma lo que muchos de nosotros ya sabemos - los gatos son animales inteligentes que hacen excelentes compañeros.

¿La recuerdas?
Otra buena razón para adoptar un gato es que hacen las mejores compañeros de acurruque, son cálidos y peludos, ideal para este propósito.

También son hábiles cazadores que ayudarán a reducir la población de insectos en su casa, así como lagartos, ratones, polillas , etc.

Y, por último, usted podría salvar una vida . Cada año de 3 a 4 millones de esos gatos de refugio que terminan no siendo adoptados son finalmente sacrificados. Usted podría estar salvando una vida de manera directa al adoptar un gato de refugio.

Para traer aún más atención a este asunto, durante este mes ASCPA estará uniendo fuerzas con Animal Planet y Jackson Galaxy para acoger un concurso de redes sociales celebrando gatos de refugio . Al compartir sus fotos más tiernas o divertidas de sus gatos usando el hashtag #MyRescueCat y firmando el formulario en apoyo a la adopción, estará participando para ganar la oportunidad de que su foto aparezca  en la temporada final de "My Cat from Hell" el 13 de Junio. Puede participar en este concurso visitando este enlance

También puede ser parte de la solución al ayudar a su refugio local este mes de Junio a través del concurso # Litter4kitties, donde ASPCA y regalarán 10.000 libras de arena para gatos Fresh Step a los refugios, con un gran premio de 5.000 libras para un el refugio ganador . Y cinco subcampeones que recibirán 1.000 libras cada uno. Visita para nominar a tu refugio local.