Thursday, January 29, 2015

Please Nominate Riverfront Cats for a Nose-to-Nose Award!

Well it's that time of year for nominations for the BlogPaws 2015 Nose-to-Nose Awards in pet blogging and social media. While trophies are nice, the real benefit goes to the cats. Last year 600 pounds of cat food was donated to the shelters of the winner's choice.  Naturally if we win, our rescue cats would benefit!

The great aspect about these awards is that it is NOT based on a popularity contest for the final voting.  A distinguished panel of professional pet educators, writers, and social media experts serve as judges. However, we do need your help to get nominated! We may be small with shallow pockets but we are mighty and strong (just like cats) and passionate! And we have YOU AS SUPPORTERS! 

Deadline is Saturday, January 31
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There are several categories, and here are some suggestions.

Working in the trenches and blogging about stray, community and black cats is the toughest job ever. But it is a labor of love and we wouldn't change a thing! And we ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. 
Please nominate Riverfront Cats for Best Cause Blog.

Rogér, a black cat was injured with his throat slashed.  This is not surprising to black cat lovers. He was an older, street cat with no human contact;  He was the subject of repeated target hits in a rough neighborhood. Until one day, a guardian angel trapped him and YOU came through with your moral and financial support.  A spirited online auction was held during the Christmas holidays to help Rogér.  And his progress is nothing less than remarkable.  His acceptance of human touch is short of miraculous. 
Auction for Rogér, the Miami Le Chat Noir

While working with these cats can be very stressful and we face more obstacles than triumphs, learning the personalities of rescued cats as they are socialized is the fun part. This story of Johnny Walker, and the fact that he inhaled (yes you read that right--Johnny Walker inhaled marijuana!), brings much needed humor and motivates volunteers to keep going. Feel free to nominate any Blog Post for this award. 
Johnny Walker's Scandalous Reveal!

Stray cats, community cats, and black cats, that's our specialty--the most difficult cat cases. We elevate them and educate the public about their essence, behavior, beauty and overturn myths. These photos say it all and more.

Wordless Wednesday- Romeo a Natural Leader (photos of community cats, the Riverfront Cats)

Wordless Wednesday--Callie

Geisha's Birthday (a rescue tuxedo Riverfront Cat)

Sobe, a Supermodel is born (rescue Calico kitten from South Beach)

Other information you may need: 

Name of Creator: Christine Michaels


Facebook page:



Thank you for your generous time and support. Without it, we could not help these cats.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Piper the Black Kitten is Named after Being Rescued from Pipe

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This story is a purrfect example of a community coming together to save a trapped kitten.

A kitten was heard for two days straight crying underground a Walgreen's pharmacy story in Miami.
Word spread virally on Facebook and local volunteers from  pet shelters, local businesses, and the fire department, all collaborated to attempt to rescue the kitten which was clearly stuck inside a pipe.

In watching the news report, little did we know it was a black kitten!Thankfully the kitten did not have fluid in the lungs or major injuries.  

Another one saved thanks to many good Samaritans. It can be done!