Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Tiny Tigger Fights for His Life

Hello pet supporters,

Tiny Tigger rescue kitten

Here is our latest rescue--Tiny Tigger. Our volunteer Sabrina was feeding the mama cat and other community cats in rough neighborhood (Overtown). Unfortunately she was told by reps of the building she can not enter private property to feed.  No time to explain the gravity of situation, she took in the mama cat and all her seven kittens.

Mama cat and six kittens

The smallest, Tigger, next day was crashing and turned ice cold. Sabrina rushed him to local vet (VCA) and was told it looks grim but were able to give him glucose (levels were very low) and revive him. Sabrina took Tigger home and monitored him the entire night and day, keeping him warm, bottle feeding her every 2 hours but unfortunately he started to crash again. This time Sabrina rushed him to MVS the 24 hour pet hospital.  The vet instructed that Tigger is delicate and needs to stay overnight a few nights.

The current bill is $650 and expected to increase to double that amount.
We need your prayers, support and donations.  Please remember no amount is too small!

Thank you for your kindness in supporting our efforts.

sick kitten rescue kitten
Tiny Tigger is six weeks old

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