Monday, November 13, 2023

World Kindness Day--Please Consider Riverfront Cats

kindness homeless cats

Fellow pet lovers, since the pandemic, Florida is facing tremendous migration of residents with higher incomes from northern cities, while locals face higher cost of living and rent increasing by 40-50%.  At the same time, we have never witnessed so many evictions and locals losing their home; forced to go live elsewhere where they cannot bring their pets. Tragically many are left behind in the streets when shelters are full. The daily stories we learn about will leave you heartbroken and sometimes speechless.

The rate of homeless pets has not slowed down. Quite the opposite. The war continues in South Florida to rescue them, treat them, and find homes.  This year has been the worst. 

In addition, we continue to provide pet food for low- or no-income volunteers who are dedicated in managing the cat colonies (community cats are part of the eco system much like opossums). See our post regarding Little Havana by clicking here. 

Here are just a few of the stray or abandoned kitties we helped in addition to buying cat food for other volunteers in the community who want to help look after the cats. 

Oreo received treatment and after a week was released to his colony.
His girlfriend was missing him.  Awwww

Vet Bill - $123.26 was our contribution to overall vet bill

Vet Bill- $370.00

This is Tommy. He was abandoned by his family in
West Palm Beach and was found in neighbor's yard
with large, bloody gash. Thankfully our volunteer took
excellent care that he healed nicely.

VET BILL: $1307

Please consider donating to help these voiceless,

 helpless creatures

It really takes a village. Sometimes we need funding. Other times there is greater need for foster guardians.

Please click on the donate button below. It will take you to our PayPal site for our umbrella organization Pawsitively Humane, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization