Tuesday, December 22, 2015

For Adoption: Fearless Dasher

This latest rescue male kitten is 10 weeks old. We just had our naming contest for him. Here were the choices.
Noah--after Noah's ark because he was found mostly submerged in floodwaters when we had nonstop rain for a week
Tweedy- as in Tweed coat due to his fur color and markings
Dasher-because he dashed every where as rescuers tried to capture him for three hours! In the woods, bushes, leaping tall cars in a single dash...until finally he went into the pet carrier and the rescuer was able to shut the door. Ah ha!

He's definitely a male--mischievous and fearless, scampering, climbing legs like tree trunks...

So the tallies are in and his name is Dasher!
Dasher is litterbox trained and fully vetted: neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped and now ready for his forever loving home.

To meet this young (naughty) lad and welcome him into your family in time for the New Year, please contact Christina at

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mama Cat Goes Missing

by Christine Michaels
homeless cats Miami community cats stray cats
Mama Cat in 2011

It's with a heavy heart to share that one of our beloved Riverfront Cats has gone missing now for a month. It can only mean something bad happened, normally. In the past we discovered the cats were injured (run over by vehicle or electrocuted at neighboring Florida Power & Light transformer room-- we stopped feeding near there and moved feeding station) and passed away. Many of you will remember the case of Leroy, the black cat who went missing three or four days, and fought his way back as close to the feeding station. We luckily found him in the dark, nestled in the grass with two badly injured hind legs. One leg was saved. The other was amputated. But! The good news and silver lining is that he adapted to indoors and is now living the good life!

Christine Michaels community cats Riverfront Cats
Christine feeding Mama and Romeo (March 2011)

Sabrina (lead volunteer for coordinating the cat feedings) and I have searched high and low. I can't remember the last time I spent so much time crawling on my hands and knees in bushes. As terrified as I am of bugs and insects, I do it for the cats! (Of course I lather or perfume myself in bug and mosquito repellant! It really does work).

Mama is the name of the missing cat. She was named Mama by the first feeders (construction workers before I moved onto the property) because she had a kitten that died. She also has the sweetest face of all the Riverfront Cats. So tender and gentle. And Mama is one of two or three cats we can pet and pick up without much fuss.  I never seen or heard her hiss. Just look at that loving and angelic face. 

homeless cats Miami community cats stray cats

 Mama cat was at station 2. She never roamed far like Gabriel. The male cats tend to roam more and further away from home base.  She and Sabrina always stayed in the area.

One silver lining was the cooperation of local county workers.  Station 2 is near the Miami Avenue bridge where construction was undergoing for a year.  The day it reoopened she went missing. Could Mama be stuck inside one of the rooms under the bridge with padlock? So I called the Miami Dade County Bridge office.  It was 4pm. Close to quitting time.  I explained the situation to the receptionist. She was patient and listened intently. In five minutes I received a call back from Manny, the supervisor.  He remembered me from another incident three years ago. He would meet me in 20 minutes. Amazing!  Just maybe...

Manny came out. But he noticed the padlock was not a county lock. It was put by the contractor.  He called another county employee to bring padlock cutter.  In a few minutes he arrived.  Then he called the contractor who was in the area. I had three men out there moving mountains to help me get access to areas where Mama may be lying, perhaps injured...

Contractor for bridge repairs and Manny

Sadly, no sign of Mama.  The silver lining was knowing I could count on Manny and his team to react quickly. He remembered me from three years ago when I tried to lure a friendly black cat that was dumped under the bridge. I wanted to bring him in. He was someone's pet and did not deserve to live outdoors. The "wicked witch" of the bridge tower gave me hard time. That's when I called the office. The Director and Manny came out next day and apologized for tower person's behavior and ensured I had no problems in the future walking the area checking on cats. They've seen many homeless cats throughout Miami and could see the Riverfront Cats were well taken care of. That we have a well organized effort and no new cats. They were appreciative. Wow --what a difference from Metro Rail employees who did not care and removed a $600 custom made gorgeous cat house on property that my condo did have land rights to access! But Manny and his staff were kind and grateful. There are some good people in this world!

Christine with Manny, supervisor for Miami Dade County Bridge

 Mama cat, like the other Riverfront Cats, are approximately the same age, around six years old. She appeared relatively healthy, definitely on chubby side. She loved to eat and was a "home body" staying close to feeding station and caretakers, hence she didn't exercise a lot.

It really is heartbreaking. We get so attached to these community cats, like our own pets. This certainly puts a damper on our Christmas season put we still pray for a miracle.

Mama cat we will never forget you.  May you be happy and safe wherever you are.