Monday, April 11, 2011

Audrey "Tiffany" Hepburn

She's petite, slender, sassy, and lovable. Introducing Audrey "Tiffany" Hepburn. Audrey is one of the five new Riverfront black cats on the property.  And she is special. 

Smallest cat on the block

After feeding her for just a few days, she immediately warmed up to volunteers and allows you to pet her. She, like the other cats, comes running to the feeder and wants love and food. 

Audrey is very appreciative of her feedings and
enjoys seafood flavors
 Thanks to one resident and two employees from neighboring FPL, they donated money for Audrey's surgery to get spayed.  One down, four more to go! 

She has a brother and sister, Sonny & Cher.  Cher is taller, slender, with same luxurious black coat. Sonny is shorter (no surprise) but very shy.

Audrey is too friendly and social with humans to live in the harsh outdoors.  Also, while we don't know her age, it is suspected she may be the runt of the litter and remain small.  She is very small, like an older kitten. Audrey is likely to be trainable where you can carry her in purse and go shopping, just like a dog. But she will need some training. Cats are trainable! Just need a little extra time and patience.  So instead of paying $1,300 for that designer dog, Adopt Audrey Tiffany for only $75!

With more donations, she can get a bloodtest. If results are negative against the more common feline diseases, then volunteers will save her from the streets and into a furrever home. If you're interested in meeting Audrey, please send an email to

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