Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amber & Rudy

Have you ever been passed over for a job, recognition, a raise, anything just because you weren't cute or young.

It happens to Amber and Rudy everyday. They are not kittens and are passed over everyday. They are mother and son and were abandoned in an alley, ironically on Good Friday. 

Amber, the mother cat

Thankfully they were rescued and nurtured together by loving angel, a rescue volunteer. Over the months, the little boy has grown up to be quite a big kitty, that he attracts attention with his gorgeous lion's mane. And he's as gentle as a lamb. Mama cat, Amber, used to be apprehensive of strangers. She remembered it was humans that left her and her baby to die. But Amber has come a long way but she is sad.

Rudy, the son, behind glass case
 Formerly, showcased at the cat adoption center at the PetSmart in Coral Gables, customers pointed to her son Rudy, smiling, amazed. But then their attention turns to the kittens. One by one, kittens are held, swaddled, cooed and played with.  Amber and Rudy are passed over once again, already forgotten.

"Will we ever be adopted?"

There is a great advantage in adopting an adult cat. You know their personality, disposition. Not everyone wants a rambanctious kitten that grows up and tears up the house. Amber and Rudy are well-mannered and Rudy loves to be held, have his hair brushed, climb and play! Don't forget he's young!

"I'm definitely not a kitten! But I'm lovable!"

"There goes another kitten getting adopted.
I wonder what is a 'home'?"

"Look at me! I really am cute!"

 Both mother and son must be adopted together. Breaking their bond would be emotional damaging. The adoption fee is $150 for both. They are spayed and neutered, bloodtested, vaccinated and microchipped! You would easily pay over $500 for all these procedures at any veterinarian. Through the Cat Network, we are a non profit organization that's not about making profit.  It's about savings lives, making it affordable to adopt, and bringing you a new love in your life.

This mother and son will fill your home with love and Rudy is quite the attention-getter and conversation piece.  Come visit these special cats, pet them, talk to them, play with them. You will fall in love! Please contact foster mother, Maria 786-873-9143.

Thank you for saving not one but two lives!

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  1. These days with the huge amount of kittens coming in, the big cats are being left behind. Any iea how to get more attention for them? Adult cats are an excellent companion perfect for a busy person who works a lot! Always encourage people to have 2 cats for companion to each other!