Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Venus, two colored face

Meet Venus the cat! The two colored facial fur and eyes are real! This is NOT Photoshopped. She is a chimera--which does not refer to the type of cat but instead signifies a mutation of genes.

Since this photo appeared, commentators swore this photo was Photoshopped or altered. To prove Venus is a real cat the owner created a video.  See below!   In just a few days the number of hits on YouTube are close to 800,000 at the time of this posting.

Venus was a feral cat living on a farm. Neighbors were struck by her features and decided to adopt her and she blended in with the owner's other cats. We love happy endings.  

CLICK HERE to learn how you can help homeless cats! 

Here is a video of Venus and Christina's appearance of the Today Show. 



  1. I have seen this all over the social networking sites! Thank you for clarifying. I think she is such a beauty :)

  2. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
    A true RARE beauty.

    : )
    Katie & Glogirly

    We'd love to be entered in the necklace giveaway. : )