Monday, December 1, 2014

Update #2 on Rogér, The Miami Le Chat Noir Cat

[UPDATE July 2015: we continue to collect donations for Rogér.  Please use the donate button to the right.]

You may remember the story about Rogér (pronounced the French way-- Ruh-jhere). Oui?   The black cat that looks like the French Le Chat Noir poster cat? The one who's throat was slashed?

As promised we have more photos of his story (don't worry they are not graphic in detail) from the time of capture to brink of death and now fighting his way back--typical cat, and a smart black cat.  Sadly it is clear Roger has endured atrocities of a black cat life. We share his photo story below. But there is hope...

Rogér at the time of capture sustained injuries to his neck and jaw.
It appears his throat was slashed.
Rogér is unsure what these humans will do to him.
Lucky for him, a guardian angel saved him this time. 

Rogér does not know how to play like a cat.  In photo below he is resting on makeshift bed and staring at felt mouse at end of string. Perhaps he is so weak and in pain that he has no desire to pounce and play.  He needs LOTS of TLC.  And so the arduous journey to nurture, heal and socialize Rogér began.

Rogér's first selfie (taken by Karen, foster mother)

Rogér receives first kiss and a selfie to prove it!
Rogér appeared better a month after his rescue. His wounds healed but...

Rogér goes into shock and  drastically drops from 9 pounds to 7 pounds.
Notice the difference from photo above. We have doubts he will survive.

We learned that Rogér went into diabetic shock.  Since then he has been given insulin shots twice a day religiously.   The good news is that Rogér should pull through. Interesting he loves to go to the vet where he loves the attention and petting, and brushing of his hair.  He craves the TLC and attention he never had his entire life.  Staffers are more than happy to oblige. Rogér is ironically a good cat patient.  He understands the poking and prodding is to help him. Rogér takes it in stride since it is part of his daily routine. Vet visits are the icing on the cake!

Meanwhile the vet bills are avalanching which prevents us from taking in more cats that need rescuing! To date the vet bills are over $4,000.  No one anticipates these escalating costs. But when treating a sick animal, complications may arise. Click here to view the first set of bills totaling $2,846 as of September.

If you would consider giving any amount. No amount is too small!  $100, $50, $20 even $10!!! Just click the Donate button on the top right column of this website.  We rescue many sick and injured cats and kittens and rarely ask for donations every time.   We recognize no one wants to be bombarded with donation solicitations. This is why we work hard to find creative ways you can help without reaching for your wallet.  But this case is indeed special. Roger represents the average stray black cat that is the target of pure ignorance and disregard for harmless creatures.


Please join Rogér in his fight against color/species discrimination and his will to live! 

At Riverfront Cats, we will keep you posted on his progress on this website and via social media.  Of course your prayers and moral support is always greatly appreciated!!!

Click HERE for next update. 


  1. How can anyone mistreat any innocent being, furry or human? Sending what money I can and many prayers for Roger and your mission.

  2. I hope Roger is doing all right and improving.

    1. He is! Will be posting more photos in coming weeks. It's amazing how he has trusted humans and doesn't mind going to the vet and get twice a day insulin shots! How rare is that?! He's an exceptional black cat!!!

  3. I hope Roger is still doing well and continuing to improve. Thank you for doing what you can to help him through this horrible time in his life.

  4. I really hope the auction will help with his vet bills. Come on Roger!!! We're all pulling for you!!!!! xo

  5. How is Rogér doing now? Has he found his forever home?