Friday, October 31, 2014

Rogér "Le Chat Noir" Black Cat Needs Your Help!

Dear Cat Fans and Black Cat Loyalists,

As you know today is Halloween and we have a sick black cat that needs your help. AND he looks exactly like the famous "Le Chat Noir" poster cat!!

Rogér was on the brink of death and was ultimately saved. To date his vet bill is close to $3000 (copies of vet bills will be posted soon!)  You see his throat was slashed. How?? Whether by cruel evil person or by accident, we do not know. After this horrific injury began to heal other complications arose.

Rogér was rescued around April 1. He’s a very sweet cat, about 7 years old, who has suffered a lot. He was abused and also possibly hit by a car earlier in life. It appears that someone tried to slash his throat, and his jaw was dislocated (though he looks normal and drinks and eats normally).

He is the living image of the famous French poster “Tournée du Chat Noir”; the resemblance is remarkable.

At the time of rescue, Rogér had extreme diarrhea and was pitifully thin. He has presumptive IBD, did have pancreatitis (now testing normal), and after accidental exposure to a cat with upper respiratory symptoms he fell ill and was assist-fed for 12 days and had sub-Q fluids for 30 days. During that time he turned diabetic. He’s now on insulin. He also eats a special food (hydrolyzed protein) and takes Pepcid and Zofran pills. He’s very easy to medicate.

Rogér is now thriving. He has gone from 7 to 10-1/2 pounds.


Naturally we need funding to pay the bill so we can help more cats. Also Rogér is diabetic. His foster mother must go out of town to take care of her sick 93 year old mother! We urgently need foster person for 2 weeks. However, he needs to be isolated from other cats as he is not vaccinated (he cannot receive vaccinations until he is in the clear).

Karen will show you how to give insulin shots twice a day. It's not difficult and Rogér is used to it.

To make a donation just click on our donate button on the right column or to volunteer to foster Roger please send us an email to

Isn't the resemblance uncanny?!

Let's help Rogér. Let's help black cats this Halloween!
Be safe everyone.

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  1. I will share. Unfortunately our vet bills for just 2 of us have been staggering this year.