Monday, June 27, 2011

More Commercials featuring Cats!

Nowadays more cats are appearing on commercials. 

Recently I've seen cats using their paws to slide the screen of a Sprint touch screen phone.

There's the famous IKEA cat commercial where 100 cats were released in a UK IKEA store. This commercial won some type of award I can't remember now. (See first video below).

Even better is the insider's view of the making of that commercial (second video that received 3 MILLION HITS!!!)--meeting the cats (these are not-trained-for-TV animals) and their owners, and then the expected chaos of unleashing 100 cats. Producing a commercial is a tremendous amount of work and imagine these people had to work during the middle of night. But it's also a lot of fun. I gushed with pride to see the union of my two loves--advertising (my career) and cats (my children).

Best of all a Skittle's commercial uses a cat.  This commercial was awarded the prestigious GOLD Cannes Lion just this past week at the Cannes Lion Festival.  This is the Oscars to the creative agency awards. The AOR (agency of record) is BBDO of Toronto, Canada.

Naturally as a cat advocate I'm thrilled. Until the plight of homeless cats has a celebrity spokesperson like all other causes, this is a good start to spotlight the beauty, grace, and intelligence of cats to get more adopted and save them from euthanization.

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