Thursday, May 5, 2011

Annie & Abby--Adopt both for reduced fee

Hello dawlings! My name is Annie and as you can see I'm an exotic tortie. I have resided in this cat adoption center for longer than most cats but alas it is now run amok with kittens who want to take my spotlight. Who do they think they are?! Little princesses?! In that case it's time for me to graduate to a private, exclusive home. Do you qualify to adopt moi? Yes I am a Diva [In a whispering voice] I will only say this once, and never again will my lips utter these words, "I'm really a pussy cat but want to be a Diva. Maybe someone will want to adopt me then? [clearing throat,huh hmm] My prowess and agility rivals that of an elegant panther.  So I ask again, are you good enough to adopt me? Is your home full of love, warmth, and only the finest cat couture and fancies?

Greetings curious onlookers! My name is Abby (short for Abigail) and yes I'm the sister to her Diva-ness Annie. But really I'm smarter. I let Annie think she's prettier, and let her get all the attention. You see I love my sister and we were rescued together, raised together and play together. We are family and can not  be separated. Too many of our cousins on the streets have sadly been separated. Some fallen victims to ... I am grateful just to be with my sister. But we're a little cramped with all these kittens. We really need a true home with parents who will welcome our mix fur color of black and orange.  An exotic melting pot is what we are, yes indeed! We are loyal, playful and give unconditional love. Oh and you'll soon see we’re not scared of humans or strangers or visitors and we just had our first encounter with a dog. She was friendly!

There are many advantages to adopting adult cats and experts recommend adopting two rather than one. With adult cats you know their temperament and personality. Are they tame and sweet or little Gremlins? Well these girls are accustomed to people, other cats, and are well-mannered. Just don't separate them.

If you are interested in meeting Annie & Abby, please contact foster mother Jodi at

Both cats are vaccinated, spayed, dewormed, tested negative for feline FIV/Felv.
The adoption fee is normally $75 per cat. --Adopt both for only $100!
If you adopt this sister duo, you will receive a plush, leopard print, luxurious cat bed and matching carrier, and a ceramic pussy cat food bowl!

These 2 year old cats are residing at the PetSmart in Midtown Miami
3101 North Miami Ave., Miami, FL, 33127
Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m. - 9p.m.
Sunday: 10a.m. - 6pm


  1. I have always wished I could adopt two cats together. I have a cat and a dog and we are only allowed to have two pets where I live. I know there are HUGE benefits of adopting two cats together (especially litter mates!) and I think it is a wonderful thing to do!

  2. My Goodness Annie and Abby - you sure are pretty kitties! How wonderful that you are sisters and will find your forever home one day together!

    We hope that day comes very soon for you and we really LOVE your leopard pet bed... especially Zoey, since she looks like a minature leopard!

    Meows and hugs, Zee and Zoey

  3. They are very exotic attractive looking cats! Its really hard to adopt big cats together! But hopefully the right person for them will come along! Good luck!