Sunday, June 3, 2012

Katy Purry

Katy Purry is everything you want her to be--she's affectionate, she's playful, she's an entertainer (and does the Halloween moonwalk dance), and she follows you around like love-sick puppy. Katy is a classic tabby with black, brown, white and tan stripes with dots and it's suspected she may have Bengal mix in her.

Katy is an 8 month old kitten which means she's a teenager. But not your rebel teenager. She's mature beyond her years. Most impressive are her nurturing instincts. Katy is in a foster home with three tiny kittens. When it's time for foster mother to bottle feed the kittens, Katy instantly jumps onto the bed or sofa and will cradle the kitten to give the kitten warmth.

Katy mothers foster kitten Manolin
 We recommend adopting Katy with a kitten. Experts say it's better to adopt cats in two for a number of reasons.

When adopting Katy you'll also receive a lovely adoption starter gift pack: a soft cream colored pet bed, and matching Martha Stewart food and water bowls, feeding mat, and fur brush.

Katy is blood tested, spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.  If you would like to meet Katy, please contact her  foster mother Christina at

Katy is located in Miami, Florida.


  1. OMG She is too cute, sadly my husband is pretty alergic. She looks gorgeous....

  2. she is GORGEOUS! Wanted to share her but you don't have share buttons on your blog :(