Friday, June 1, 2012

Peter Peter pumpkin eater

UPDATE: Peter Peter was adopted October 1, 2012

"What's that thing flailing above your head?
I've never seen that object before"

Peter peter are you a pumpkin eater? Well we're not sure yet. But this lively one-year old boy is ready for a home. Then you can see if he eats pumpkin.

Peter and his siblings were left in a box at a doorstep as itty bitty kittens. His brothers and sisters were all adopted but that left Peter. It's so hard to be the last one. Then tragedy struck.  His dear foster mother had a death  in the family and to make matters worse, she recently had a bad fall and could not care for Peter or her own pets.

"Ooh! That looks interesting! Do I eat that or play with it?"

Our volunteers do not get compensated for caring for these innocent creatures and so when difficult times strike, it takes time to resettle into new foster homes and then work the process to find adopters. What's amazing about Peter is that he's unfazed by the events which demonstrates his resilience and his happy-go-lucky nature. He's black but he's lucky and playful!

Peter sticking his tongue out during play time.
Kids will be kids
 Peter has been neutered, bloodtested, and vaccinated.  The adoption fee is normally $75 but this month it's dropped to $50. Plus if you adopt Peter, you'll receive a lovely gift basket with a black ceramic cat bowl, a bag of his cat food, a book "Cat's Meow" on complete cat care, jingling rolling cat toys, and a bottle of Coppola wine donated by Christopher Coppola himself.

Christopher and Otto, his biker black cat, were celebrity guests at the Black Cat gala, Le Chat Noir to elevate black cats and increase awareness of their beauty and intelligence.

If you're interested in meeting Peter, please contact Rob (foster parent) at 914-391-4444.

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