Saturday, June 2, 2012

Evie travels well and loves to accessorize

UPDATE: Evie was adopted in July 2012!

Introducing Evie -- a stunning, female black cat. Her and brother Ben were rescued together and they have been together from day one until last weekend. You see, Ben was adopted by a lovely family from France that already has a cat. They even made arrangements to change airlines just so Ben could fly in cabin instead of cargo. Naturally it was a lot to ask to adopt his sister too.

Evie and her brother Ben who was adopted

So Evie is hoping to hit the lotto like her brother. A family that will fill that void and adore and watch over her like Ben did.  What makes her so special? Well a number of things.  First she's quite the road warrior having traveled in a car as far as Key West.  But no worries--she's very much the proper lady--no whining or complaining. So if you like to take weekend road trips and visit friends or stay in pet-friendly hotels --well Evie is your traveling companion. Indeed that's rare for a cat but she was groomed for greatness. And she's a true female who loves to accessorize. Evie has sported bandanas, paraded in bows and modeled sparkly diamond necklaces. Yes she's a model but not a diva!

Famous rapper,singer and record producer Cee Lo Green proudly shows off his white cat named Purrfect (scroll down after clicking link) when traveling or for interviews. Well you can do the same! If you love to wear black fashion and heels, then your new best friend, side kick and yes, accessory is this black kitty with luxurious black coat, mesmerizing eyes and mellow soul.  She's so agreeable, she's better than a spouse!

Evie is spayed, bloodtested and received all vaccinations.  Adoption fee is normally $75 but this month it's only $50.  If you adopt Evie, you'll also receive a gift bag containing a luxurious ruby red cat bed, some cat toys, a beautiful white and black ceramic cat bowl, some kitty wipes, laser pointer, kitty decor air fresheners, and a bottle of Coppola wine personally donated by Christopher Coppola and Otto his biker cat for anyone who adopts a black cat from Riverfront Cats. Christopher and Otto were celebrity guests at the Black Cat gala, Le Chat Noir to elevate black cats and increase awareness of their beauty and intelligence.

If you're interested in meeting Evie, please contact Rob (foster parent) at 914-391-4444.

Evie's latest photoshoot at the Adoption Center
June 2012

"Another round of onlookers, nobody is looking at me"

"Are you nice humans looking at me? Please pick me!"

Why won't anyone adopt me?
I'm clean, well-mannered, love accessories
(I'll accessorize you) and ride well in cars.

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