Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fritz, The Brave Angel

 Fritz is a beautiful and loving eight- month old cat who lost 10% of his vision due to an eye infection caused by some monsters who poisoned him with antifreeze at the trailer park he used to live. He was rescued along with her sister Fran by Cassandra Catraya.

Fritz had to go through an arduous protocol of medicated drops to recover from this horrible poisoning, but this brave angel was more than cooperative through the whole process. And maybe you think that after all he has been through he would be scared of people and other cats. Well, that's not the case!  In the adoption center where was living, he can be seen playing with other cats and being affectionate with everyone who holds him.

This story with a difficult beginning deserves a happy ending. Fritz deserves the opportunity to be part of a loving home where he can be the normal cat that he is and receive all the care and affection he deserves. He has a lot to give and eight lives to live. Despite his glossy blue eyes, he really can see well!

Anyone interested in adopting Fritz and providing a permanent home can email Cassandra Catraya at

Thank you for sharing this post. Thank you for caring.


  1. It's crazy how cruel people can be. Glad to hear you saved sweet Fritz. I hope he finds a great home soon where he'll get a lifetime of loves.

  2. Good luck to Fritz hope he gets the home he deserves

  3. It always humbles me when I see an animal respond to horrific treatment by humans, by displaying love and affection!

  4. I hope Fritz can find his furrever home very soon!

  5. Is there any update on Fritz. He's captured my heart!