Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Leroy, after leg surgery

"That camera looks more scary than my shaved hip with stitches"

We have an update on Leroy! As  we shared on April 29, the good news is that the front leg was healing and could be saved. The bad news, the fever returned and the hind leg was deteriorating. Apart from this setback, Leroy's overall health was very good.  So we agreed to amputate the back leg and start making plans to find him a permanent home indoors where he could live a long, safe and happy life as a tripod.

At the vet: "This can't be good."

"It's not as bad as it looks. I can still move around. Now I hop!"

Thankfully, the surgery went well, no complications. Leroy is now recovering in the home of a volunteer. He sleeps with Sabrina every night on her bed. A sweet black furry angel.  In the day time he nestles in a pet bed and hops a few steps away to the litter box.   Losing a leg and adapting to the indoors will take some time. In the meantime Leroy is getting much needed rest, daily pain medications, and lots of TLC. Thank you Sabrina!

Naturally as a nonprofit that depends on donations, we have to share that the vet bill was $1,938.39. Please click here to review the entire bill. This is in addition to the $600 originally spent to try and save his legs. Was this the right decision? YES! To know this cat, everyone loves him. He wanted to live, and we know he has much love to give. If both legs could not be saved, then the outcome may have been different.

Now we are moving forward. If you can help with any amount,whether it's $1000, $100, $60, $40 or even $10, it is greatly appreciated! Just click on the link at top right. You can easily donate with credit, debit or bank funds. We also accepts checks. Riverfront Cats is part of Pawsitively Humane,Inc. a 501c3 organization.  

Make check payable to:
Pawsitively Humane, Inc. 
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This is the second amputation of a cat in six months.  The vet bills avalanche before we have a chance to recover from the last emergency.  Our volunteers receive zero compensation. The funding goes primarily to the care of the cats. We are grateful for any amount!

Soon we will begin the work of finding him a loving home. Preferably with an individual or family that spends more time at home than outside the home until Leroy is comfortable in his new environment and the routine. Leroy has demonstrated that he gets along with other cats and well behaved dogs. Leroy often rubbed against Christine's dog, Ma Cherie, and gave nose kisses.

Cats are amazing, but Black cats are even more special!

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  1. Oh Leroy, we love you pal. Happy healing purrs coming your way.

  2. Good to see Leroy doing well!xx Speedy and mum