Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roxie and Sheena, an Unexpected and Joyful Adoption

Roxie and Sheena enjoying their favorite hobby, looking out the window

  By Carlina Colon

Until three months ago you could say I was the typical person who said “I’m not a cat person”. But that changed in the moment when my husband and I decided to foster Roxie and Sheena,  two year old beautiful black cats.  Their previous owner was an elderly man who died from natural causes. He had many cats and all of them were taken away after he died, except Roxie and Sheena. Nobody wanted them because they were black. "Really?" I thought.

A close neighbor of the former owner started to take care of them while they were moving all the belongings from the previous owner. She couldn’t adopt them because the landlord did not permit pets. Then the moment came when the apartment furniture and belongings were removed and these beauties were going to be dropped off at the county shelter.  That’s when Kerry (a friend of the neighbor who was taking care of them) contacted Christine (founder of Riverfront Cats) for help.

Christine asked me about the possibility of fostering Roxie and Sheena for three months.  I was doubtful at the beginning since I never had cats in my life, only dogs. However, after listening to their story and seeing pictures of the black beauties, I talked to my husband and we decided to take them in. We agreed only for three months.

When they were brought to our home, Roxie and Sheena were very afraid and nervous. There weren't the only ones. I always said I didn’t like cats because they don’t play with you like dogs and they are not as affectionate as dogs. OH I COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG. Roxie and Sheena were living proof of how sweet and affectionate a cat can be when you take the initiative to demonstrate affection, love. They were sad because their owner died, the melancholy was evident in their body language so my husband and I gave them their space for a couple a weeks to recover. After that, we started petting them little by little and then playing with them.

Roxie started to get very attached to my husband. She followed him around the apartment, rubbed against him all the time, more than me, and by now she sleeps on his side of the bed every night. On the other side, Sheena is attached to me, she wants me to pet her all the time, more than my husband, and sleeps on my side of the bed sometimes. We each have a personal fan.
My husband and Roxie

After seeing how their behavior changed and how much they love us, we decided we are not fostering anymore, we are adopting them; they are our little girls. There are no words to describe how happy we are to see them greet us at the door every day when we get home from work. My perception of cats has forever changed, especially black cats. They are particularly smart and beautiful.

Roxie on the chair while my husband is using his laptop

Also, I can say our relationship as a couple has improved since bringing home these would-be orphaned black cats.  Our bond is stronger.  My husband and I enjoy quality time with our furry children. This experience has enlightened, prepared and validated our parenting skills for when we have human children one day. They both require attention, affection, routine and discipline for healthy growth and development and a happy home. In my personal opinion, adopting any pet in need, is the most rewarding experience you could ever had.

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  1. This is such a wonderful post. Welcome to the world of cats and congratulations on your new family! You and your husband are awesome.

  2. I'm glad they found a nice home. I can never understand why people don't want black cats, I think they're incredibly beautiful.

  3. This is a wonderful story! It does the heart good. :) You put into words so well the joy and affection cats bring to our lives .. and I am also a dog lover lol

  4. That is fantastic,thanks for sharing their tale,xx

  5. This is so wonderful! I was never a huge cat person (grew up with dogs but love all animals) and then my husband and I adopted three abandoned cats and that changed forever. Cats are such amazing animals!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  6. Now these are the stories we love to read about! Congrats to Carlina for adopting two beautiful house panthers! :)

    Miss Christine, our mom says it was great meeting you at BlogPaws! And thanks for visiting us today!

  7. What a heartwarming story!
    We see a lot of black cats being ignored at the shelter by potential adopters. This post gives us hope!


  8. Concats to Roxie and Sheena on their noo furrrever home.

    Every house needs at least one house panther.

  9. They are beautiful! Yay for their new forever home!