Thursday, August 1, 2013

For Adoption: Millie & Tillie

Think of a precious heirloom passed around from owner to owner. But each move risks the fragile nature of this keepsake. This is the story of Millie & Tillie.

These stunning feline sisters have been bounced around like used tennis balls. Their first owner dropped them off at a kill shelter. Thankfully a local rescue organization saved them and found them a new home. Sadly, they were "returned" a year later. The son of the family developed "severe allergies". Millie & Tillie are back in foster care. 

Millie is the brave one and hence the leader. Tillie, on the other paw, loves to reach out with her paws to "grab" your attention. They love to be petted and hugged. If they are physically separated too long, they meow in search for the other. These sisters have strong bond and will not be separated.

Despite bouncing from home to home, it's that bond that keeps them grounded, sweet natured and open-hearted, ready to accept a permanent home.

Remember adopting adult cats is much easier than adopting kittens. You know their personality and disposition and don't have to worry about your furniture and decor getting destroyed or shredded. These are fine ladies at two years of age.

If you would like to meet Millie & Tillie, please contact Christina at or call 786-573-1580.


  1. these girls are absolutely gorgeous! I am sharing them right now. 2 yrs old is NOT old at all!

  2. We purr that Millie and Tillie find their permanent furever home soon.

  3. They are beautiful. I hope they find a forever home very soon.

  4. so pretty,hope that they get their forever home soon,xx Rachel

  5. de blessings oh St Francis two ewe millie & tille that ewe finds yur for evers home reeeeeeely quik...heerz ta grate week oh end two all :)