Wednesday, August 14, 2013

For Adoption: Ninji

Just look at those green eyes and satin sheen!

Here is our latest black cat rescue. Meet Ninji! He's an all black kitty except for the white spot on his chest.

Ninji was discovered by a customer at a gas station in West Miami. This little guy walked up to Frank and stood on his hind legs and pleaded with his front paws to pick him up and feed him and save him.

Frank looked around and noticed other young cats. Upon inquiring, he learned that the cats belonged to a local resident, an elderly lady. Sadly the daughter sent the mother away to a nursing home and dumped the cats outdoors.  The cruelty...we are continuously shocked and heartbroken. But, Frank contacted us and we picked up Ninji. Thankfully we had room for one more.

Ninji is long and lean and weighed 7 pounds in his first visit to the vet.  At first he only wanted to nestle on your lap and nowhere else.  It was obvious that his prior owner provided him much tender loving care.  Sequestered from the other cats, we slowly introduced him to the gang.

Ninji first vet visit (July 2013)

nestling in bathroom sink

Soon Ninji emerged from his shell and demonstrated his agility, athleticism and acrobatics.  This combined with his endless energy, sleek body and satin sheen earned him the name Ninji.

Ninji will most likely retain a boyish face from his small round head and lean body.  After a couple of months he now weighs a healthy 9 pounds.

Ninji just received his second round of vaccinations and is neutered and got a clean bill of health! He's ready to go to his new home. Click here to review all his vet records (Donations welcome to cover the $200 vet bill--simply click on the "Donate" button to the right).

With his high energy levels, it would be ideal for Ninji to have younger kitten as a playmate or guardian that actively tosses around his favorite toys--he loves to chase and fetch the fabric mice.

And he's a talker! Ninji makes different sounds when he's playing, prowling, and celebrating meal time.  There's the chirp, the mew (yes mew not meow), and the howl.  You'll learn cat language before you know it!

For anyone who adopts Ninji, you will receive a black carrier, and a "Welcome Kitty Gift Basket" including a pet carrier, food bowl, toys, the delightful book The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey autographed by cat author Deb Barnes, and a bottle of Coppola Wine. Christopher Coppola and his black cat Otto are the famous guardian/cat duo and were celebrity guests at the Black Cat Gala in Miami. Christopher and Otto have generously donated the bottle of wine for anyone who adopts a black cat from Riverfront Cats!

If you are interested in meeting Ninji, please contact us via email at

So are you ready to Kung Fu with your new best friend?


  1. he's a beauty,thank god for kind people,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Oh!! He is beautiful!! I think I'm in love!! (This is NOT Austin talking!!) lol

    I will share this x

  3. Five black cats purring for Ninji's adoption!

  4. What a handsome guy! We purr that he finds his furever home soon.

  5. Ninja is SO beautiful!!! He does look like an athlete! : )
    We're sending purrs and hopes of a forever home.

  6. best oh fishes two ewe taht ewe finds yur new for eers homes.....sorree bout how stuff turned out :( may St Francis guide ewe TO yu new home !!!~~~~~~~

  7. You sure do have lots, and lots, and lots of handsome!!!

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes for our Dad, he is already doing so much better!

  8. Such a personality this lover boy has!! I do hope he finds a furever home soon and thank goodness that Frank was able to save him!